Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Steelers Update

So, since we are an hour behind Easter Standard Time, the game started at 9:30, my time. The first half was not looking good. We went into the half down 10-3. We did not look good...Big Ben couldn't connect with his receivers. He was holding the ball way too long and got sacked a few times. Running backs were hurt, defense was doing ok but giving up many 3rd downs....
I watched a different Steelers in the second half. We scored a touchdown (finally), and then the next time the Baltimore Ravens had the ball, we knocked it out of the QB's hands and scored a defensive touchdown. We were up 17-13.
That's when sleep was calling me...I drifted off and woke up around 1 a.m. to see the 4th quarter ending, tied 20-20. AGH!! Well, sleep was pushed into the background...I mean really, this is MY Steelers team. They need me to watch!
Ravens get the ball first...NOTHING. We get the ball and drive close enough to make a 46 yard field goal.
Ah, sleep...sleep....sleep...
Steelers 23
Baltimore Ravens 20

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CIELO said...

Hi girl.... came over to see how you were doing... sleep well! :)