Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Star by the Sea

Monday I got into the house and it was just amazing!

I can't express how happy I am with our choice of house. Everything that has happened over the past few days has just reassured me that this is our perfect place.

I am unfortunately on our way back home...well, let me rephrase that! I am very excited to get back with my family...I need them. I function much better when they are all with me.

I miss them terribly. I just wish that they could have joined me at the new house. It was hard to leave it today! I left a present for my hubby for when he arrives on Saturday...wanna see?

I do not know where to begin! The grounds are just beautiful...and I even found some surprises that I had not seen before. I know that you have probably read about the hanging orchids that are all around our city in Brasil...but now I have two of my very own! I am worried because though I can produce beautiful flower arrangements, I am not the greenest of thumbs! I hope that I can take care of these...look how beautiful they are!

Then there is this guy that I found by the stairs to the water from our boat dock.

Now for another creature feature, I unfortunately do not have pictures, this!
I have seen baby hammerhead sharks, sting ray, and a baby black tip (I think) swimming in the waters RIGHT IN FRONT of my yard! Can you read the excitement in my words? I was just sitting on my foldable table and chairs listening to some muzak on the other end of a hold line on my phone...and to my absolute astonishment, I saw this shark swim by! I thought I had seen wrong, so I ran outside onto the porch (luckily I was on my cell phone so I could still listen to that beautiful music, hahaha). I was right...there he was, just gliding past. Now I have seen sharks many times through my life, up close and personal. I was positive. It doesn't end there...
Then who should glide past? A baby hammerhead shark! I was so excited that I thought I was going to scream. By this time, though, I was talking to Mr. Somebody on the phone and I practically screamed in his ear. I told him about the shark because I could not keep it inside! So, from that point on, I was on the lookout. Sure enough, when I was talking to my Dad, there goes by a sting ray! I can not express my excitement. Then I saw two baby hammer heads this morning, and again this afternoon. I was in heaven!

I wanted to end with that, because I was so ecstatic about it, but I will include a few photos that you have all been asking for. Furniture is still to come....

and I will end with this beautiful sunset that I woke up to this morning

Monday, October 26, 2009

A confused feathery friend....or am I clueless?

I never grew up near a farm, and only drove by them occasionally. They are an essential part of our country and yet, I have no inkling about them.
So that's why I would like to ask those that may know....

is it normal for a rooster to cock-a-doodle-doo every hour starting around 2am?

That's what a little furry friend has done the past few days that I have stayed here in the hotel! I am not in the house yet...hopefully today. The seller is taking his time moving out his belongings. I can appreciate the need to hang onto the house for a day or two is that special!
I am going there this morning to receive the mattress that I will sleep on tonight. So let's hope he is done by this evening!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Signed, sealed, delivered (almost)

We closed on our house!
I have been having so much fun with everything that having a new house entails....
transferring utilities, buying necessities, looking at options and
How I have missed going to Home Depot! We used to go quite a bit when we lived in the US, but with living in apartments, there just isn't much that you do on your own.
There was some drama with the closing agent, but it is not even worth detailing because it doesn't matter anymore...we closed, it's ours!
I don't have the keys yet because the seller is still moving his belongings out, but I will have them by the end of the weekend.
I can't wait!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas BEFORE Halloween?

I know, you all thought my next post would be about my vacation, right?
Well, I promise that I will write about that next.

But I can not believe that the US is getting their Christmas paraphernalia out!

I came to the US today to close on my house...very happy occasion! (another post too!)
I was wandering in and out of stores, checking out what will be my new home stores (no Target, oh no :(!! )

and they all have out Christmas stuff!

That is just way too much for me...
promise to write about the vacation next!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

BYE :)

See you in a few days...

The power of attorney is still being completed in these last hours before we leave.
I already bought the ticket to the US, so it will have to get done, one way or another!
I am so excited to close on this house, but boy, the paperwork, and extra documents just because we live overseas has been overwhelming. Worth it, but a lot!

I want to go on on this vacation stress free...I want to relax in some sunshine
because it has been raining NONSTOP here for days. Heavy rain, sprinkle rain, almost looking like it might stop rain, but nope....
more rain, down pour rain, blowing wind so the rain comes sideways rain,
just plain RAIN!

The streets are flooded, the dogs do not want to go outside in it, which by the way, neither do I! Nor do I want to watch Bella skip around the puddles as I am getting soaked.
Good thing I bought the rain boots and coat!

Anyways, tomorrow should be stress free....
I am going to sunshine, 80+ degrees, and scuba diving with my new video camera!
How excited am I?

About like this:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

expat every days....

sometimes it can be so frustrating to live away from where certain "things" are easier...
for example:

I was planning on going to the US, as a last minute decision, to close on our house. It was cheaper for me to fly there and rent a car, as opposed to paying the fees of the attorneys to act in our behalf!
Well, as if that isn't enough...

I need to have some papers notarized seeing as only I was planning on flying. So, I need to act on behalf of my husband also.

Sounds simple right? Go to the Consulate and get the papers notarized.

No, they only see people from 2-3 pm, excluding all Brasilian and American holidays.
There fore, the first appointment that they have available is 5 days after the closing is supposed to happen.

Hhhhmmm, so what now sherlock? Well, I am working on it, and trying to find another English speaking and reading notary. Plus, I emailed the consulate to see if they could squeeze us in...yea right? "BG who?....needs what?...when?" That's what they will be saying...

Wish me luck

Monday, October 5, 2009

So much going on....

So this week should be a little hectic...


Happy 11th Birthday to my son! I can not believe it has been 11 years since we first laid eyes upon our beautiful child. He is smart, funny and so beautiful!
I hope that he is happy in his life and for his future I wish the best of luck and joy.
I bring his presents back with me from my whole family when I come in the sumer, so he got a great surprise this morning with all of these!

He and the rest of the family went bowling and for sushi yesterday with his best friend. They had a great time, and I am sorry I missed it. I got the bug that the kids had last week, but I am feeling much better today.

The Steelers won last night! 38-28, though they worried me a little AGAIN in the 4th quarter. We pulled through it as the Champions we are, and fought hard until the very end.

I am getting ready for a long vacation this weekend coming. We leave on Saturday for about 9 days. The kids have one of their endless school/Brasilian vacations (no idea how they fit 180 days into the school year!) so we thought we would take advantage of the time off to finally see Natal and Fernando de Noronha.
So if you don't see me for awhile, just know that I will be back with hopefully some amazing pictures so I can share the adventure with you!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Not my vote

Well, it has just been announced the Rio will get the 2016 Olympics and ParaOlympics.
I think this is a big mistake, but I wish the Brasilians much luck in their mission.

Read Gabriela's blog to understand why...
but it comes down to one word..

Yes, the city is beautiful, it has enthusiasm and pride beyond anything I have ever seen...
but it is very hard to control crime here.

I also believe they better start construction TODAY...
because for the PanAm games that were here when we first arrived, not all the venues were completed on time!

Congratulations Brasil, Rio...good luck

Now I know

He was telling the truth...remind me to trust him when he says he is sick next time!
He came into our room around 2:30 am last night and has been "getting it out of his system" ever since. Poor thing!

He is disappointed too because today was the celebration for Children's Day at his school. They celebrate children every year here in Brasil, which is such a nice reminder of how precious our little ones are. They have what they call the Ice Cream Social, with lots of ice cream, toppings and usually a clown or two! The best part for the kids, and of course one of the many idiosyncrasies that I do not understand about our school, is that they give them the ice cream right before lunch.
I have tried with this issue and many others with the PTA to change this, but they do not change here. They are so stuck to their traditions and can't see the downside of feeding them ice cream before their lunch. Oh well, I tried!

Yesterday I was "called in" to the Lower School Principal's office. There is a big stink going on right now, and I guess they thought I instigated it! hahaha
One of the concerns we have this year in particular, is the student-teacher ratio. We feel that for the amount of money we are paying, (you don't even want to know), we are getting a typical public school number. There is MUCH less one on one time for our children this year.
So, I sat down with her and "talked" about what I am seeing. At least she was courteous to ask me, but it still rains upon deaf ears. She "listened and took into consideration" my concerns, but like everything else, there will not be anything done about it.

I guess this has turned into a rant about the school....sorry, but I need to get it of my chest. I have to say that my kids are happy, but I am worried about their levels for the next school we go to. Let's see what happens...