Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 27

If the eyes tell the whole story, here is what my cat, Tiger seems to be saying to me:

1. your HA! is almost finished right? because if you want to get on this computer, you'll have to get through me, and
2. so, what were you thinking getting that puppy? that I would want to play with her? HA! are you joking?

Happy Saturday!


lizzy-loo said...

wow, you've almost made it. your new pet is adorable. i am dying for a dog, but can't talk my hubby into it. if it ran away it could end up in dogpot stew!

Marina said...

love it!! that is a good picture of your cat and you know what she is telling you LOL!!! ")) marina

Jodi said...

Ha!!! That is so funny!! What a beautiful cat...such beautiful eyes!!!

Coffee Slut said...

What a cutie!
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Carol said...

Adorable!! I bet she really IS wondering why in tarnation you brought home that puppy!