Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just feel like writing

I haven't blogged consistently in quite some time. I used to be more proactive about what to write and trying to keep the posts coming at regular intervals.
Right now, there is a lot going it has been quite inconsistent.

But tonight, I just feel like writing.
No pictures to describe a scene, place or trip....
Nothing fancy...

Just writing.
Well, here goes...

I have been thinking a lot about my life, and the incredible opportunities I have had. I have been so lucky to marry the man of my dreams. We have two beautiful and amazing children.
We have been blessed with good health, fortune and adventure.
God has been very good to us!

Tonight, though, I would like to focus on friends. I went to lunch today with my best friend here in Rio, Gabriela. We came to meet each other through a mutual friend. I knew this friend in Venezuela, while Gabriela had met her while living in Mexico.
It was a chance email....a quick note to say hi, I'm new here too...
and in a few short weeks, we will leave here, for me, as the best of friends.
I believe we would have become friends of her boys and my daughter are in the same class. But, it was sure nice to know someone, even if for just a tiny bit of time, before it all started.

Yes, we are leaving too. We still do not know of our next adventure, but we hope to find out soon. What is nice, is that both Gabriela and I are leaving together.
We agree that it would be extremely hard to come back here without the other one around.

Making friends is hard anywhere. Making friends, knowing that there aren't many to pick from, and knowing that you will probably only be together a few short years...
well, that's even harder.
Yes, we decide to live this life. There are many benefits.
Leaving friends is certainly not one of them. Rio has not been the easiest place for either of us. But we always had each other, and I am forever grateful that our lives brought us together.

There are so many expats that believe they are above everyone, that we lead a life that should always be catered, and that really have no grip on reality.
Then there are those few...
those that make a difference in your life. I have found that those few are the ones that become such good friends with, that I sit here crying about the thought of leaving them...
even though I am so excited for a new adventure, even though I am so happy to leave the school my children attend, even though I never really adapted to life here.
I know what you all may be can you live in an amazing city, beaches at your doorstep and a carefree, workfree life....
but I am sorry, it is not all sunshine, beaches and rose colored skies.

Yes, I love the beach and will miss it dearly....but besides my friends, tennis and...well, my tennis coach, the driver that has always helped me...
I just never really adapted to Rio.

Thank goodness for friends, and you Gabriela, are the best. Thank you...
and maybe the title should be:
Gabriela, my BFF

Friday, May 21, 2010

The big event

We have been back a few days from the wedding and time has been running away from me, but I know you are all excited to hear about it!

The whole weekend was FABULOUS! My daughter was just the cutest little flower girl EVER ;) and so excited about it all.
She hung out with all the big girls and guys of the wedding party a lot.
She told one of the bridesmaids that she didn't understand why the wedding was tomorrow and there was only one rehearsal. I guess my girl felt like she needed some more practice, but she was perfect coming down the aisle! She had the biggest smile on her face and walked with such ease and showed no signs of nervousness!
Then after the wedding, she comes up to me and says, "I love the limo!"
Uh-oh ;)

The rehearsal dinner was at a pretty country club overlooking the sunset and the golf green. It was a special evening as the soon to be married couple gave out little presents and said thank you to all of us, especially their parents.
My daughter received a pair of earrings to wear for the wedding that matched the bride's and they came in the cutest little white Coach wristlet! The bride is a HUGE fan of Coach, so she thought it appropriate to get the girls little bags. (we have an outlet close by, whew!)

The weather had been a little rocky, but on Saturday, the sun came out and shone brightly the whole day for the wedding. The air was crisp and the sun was warming, so it was perfect.

The wedding was beautiful. My niece is a pretty girl when she has no makeup on and is in a t-shirt and imagine her beauty when a hair dresser coiffed her hair into a spiral of twists and puffs and turns, put a tiara of swarovski crystals in her hair with a veil outlined in crystals, and an absolutely amazing gown on her...
and she was simply stunning.

The party afterwards was so much fun and full of great treats!
My SIL and her SIL spent months baking these cookies...a tradition in Italian weddings is to have many cookies for the party. These were all simply delicious! 33 trays in all...

The tables were each named differently and such a special touch for the couple and the guests...our table was "Devotion"....

The cake was simple and elegant.

and the candy table with a selection of photos of their Parents and Grandparents from their wedding days, to start their photo collection in their new home, was such a treat!

They danced the night away along with their friends, and throw in a few of us old timers, and you have the perfect wedding weekend that we experienced!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Next stop, wedding...

I know, I know...
I promised you all some photos, right?

Our week at the house was fabulous. It was the first time since we bought it that we have been there all together. It really felt like home.
That is more important than you may all realize. Though we love traveling and living in different parts of the world, it is a totally different feeling to have a "home base".
We know we are not staying there each time we come, but we know also, that we will come back.

It was a busy 5 days. We had furniture delivered...
not a great experience.
They replaced the table top that I had delivered in February. There was a nick in it and they tried to color it in with a marker...can you believe that? They also had the wrong fabric on the chairs...but now it is complete and looking gorgeous with my new settings that we carried from Brasil!

Next up was the entertainment center. It is beautiful and looks lovely.
But...the person who brought it only was told to leave it at the bottom of the stairs!
We have about 10 steps that have a turn in it. Now, I paid $100 to have inside delivery...
don't worry, you can be sure I already called and am getting that refunded!
It was really hard for just my husband and I to "shimmie" up a 9 ft. long, really heavy piece!
But we did it...and here it is:

Now come the 2 bedroom sets. Ours was fine. My daughter's had a crack in the wood and a rail that looked like it cracked and was repaired with putty! Then, there was not any hardware enclosed! So, we couldn't even have put it together if we wanted!

It was fun receiving this gift from a dear friend in Brasil:

I adore my little vacuum:

And we did get some fun and relaxation in here too:

It was a great vacation. We accomplished quite a bit and had the best time enjoying each other's company! We plan on spending many evenings here on our porch!

Now onto the wedding of my niece!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

One fourth or alternate title: A new record

What does one fourth mean to you?
1/4 tsp. of salt is often used in recipes, especially with baking powder because it helps it activate.
1/4th, or one quarter...could mean three months of the year; as in the first quarter earnings.

Well, let's discuss what it meant to me today.
1/4th of my day was spent at the hair salon.
Yes, figure it out:
24 hours in a day, 1/4th spent in a hair salon.
24 divided by 4 = 6
Yes, you read right....6 hours

I spent 6 hours having my hair done today. So, now do you understand why I feel so busy this week even if I am having the luxury of going to the hair salon?

6 hours people...
do you realize what can be done in 6 hours? :
My project could have been finished (now for tomorrow)
The packing could have been completed without having to bother my husband tonight
We could have had a homemade dinner instead of eating out for my husband and kids, and leftovers for me.

Ah the lists could go on...both of them.
See, my hair dresser was sick from a reaction from the H1N1 flu shot yesterday. He had to change my appointment until today.
What does he do for 6 hours...well, do you really want the rundown?
I think not...

Does it look good? Yes.
Was it worth it? Sort of...
It also was really expensive, even after the 10% cash discount. Don't ask how much...just trust me!
So, my plans changed for the whole week, but it still has been packed full. Tomorrow I am not going to swim, nor take my tennis class (a very discouraging by product of having to switch my hair appointment). I will post my project once it has been completed...

Off to admire my way too expensive, 1/4 of a day, 6 hour hair cut, color and blow dry.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

These branches look about how I feel right now...
all tangled and going in every which direction.

I have a lot on my plate right now...
AM-swim and take tennis class (I know, a luxury, but if you paid as much as I did for tennis classes, plus you don't get to make them up like in the month of April...when I paid for 8 classes and only took 3 because of rains, you make sure you go when the sun is out!)
PM- hair appointment (I know it seems like another luxury, but sometimes it gets stressful when 4 hours later you are still sitting in the chair having something done)

AM- flower market for a special project I am working on, start project
PM- take kids to tennis

AM- swim and take tennis class
PM- finish packing and project

AM-school field trip to the Granado Soap Factory (supposedly quite interesting!)
PM- get bags into car, pick up kids from school, hubby from work and off to the airport!

I look forward to when I can find a space as peaceful as this:

So, it will be a very hectic week. Please forgive me if I only stop by your blog and not comment, but just find 5 minutes to read about all your happenings.
We are leaving for our house for the first time with all our family members together. We will spend a few days there and then we are off to my niece's wedding!
We are all so excited about this whole trip!

Have a great couple of weeks, and I will try to post as often as I can!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Waiting for us in one week!!