Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

A day for family
Though our extended family is far away
We wish for you
to enjoy the day

Turkey and dumplings, pizzelles and pies
it makes my mouth water
and even a tear in my eyes

I look forward to the coming month even more
because we will be together
to share the joys of Christmas
and hopefully some snowy weather!

Happy Thanksgiving to our family
We are thankful to have you all in our lives
and hold each and every one of you close to our hearts

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The house story

I wake up one Sunday morning to an email in my inbox from our house contractor/caretaker with a subject line that reads:
Someone crashes through your gate

Yes...our house became famous in a high speed police chase.
It is a very sad story, and our gate is the smallest detail, but nevertheless, it still involved our house.

The whole story is that a man was speeding on the road from Key West northward. A policeman on motorcycle started chasing him. The man, ingesting cocaine, drives down a street, (yes, our street,) to the end and crashes through our gate, down our boat ramp and into the Gulf of Mexico!
He was rescued, taken to a hospital for all the drugs he swallowed, and arrested there.
The car was his ex girlfriend's, mother of his child, and missing since a few days before this incident. Sadly, he led police to her body and is now charged with her murder.

There you sad that this had to happen to this lady...
but at least our gate, and the Gulf of Mexico, stopped him from getting away

Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter is here

We had our first snow a few weeks ago.
It was so pretty watching the big flakes fall. It was a little warmer as usual when it first is Bella and I were able to go out comfortably, (instead of freezing), protect my camera
and get a few shots of the beauty.

We are really on a countdown..
3 weeks, 4 days and we leave for our house!

Oh there is a whole house story to tell...
that can be a weekend post, something for you all to look forward to this weekend!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Making pasta

If you remember from last Christmas, my best present was my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer.
Well, we have been using it to the max...

Now we are making our own pasta!
It is fairly easy, just a little time consuming. but hey, here on camp there isn't much to do, so we have plenty of time.

First you start by making the dough

then roll it out with the roller attachment

hang it to dry

then switch to various cutter attachments:

this is our fettucini:

and here is our ravioli
So fun, and so yummy!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy. busy, busy...

The time has flown by. I have not had a chance to write and update...
basically here is how it has been:

1. Organizing a Halloween Carnival Fundraiser
Our middle school children came up with the idea of having a fundraiser for Halloween. The children all paired up and set games for the children to play, with prizes to win, while I set up the decorations, with a lot of help from both the parents and students.
It was a great success that seemed to be enjoyed by all who came.
Here are a few photos:

2. Christmas play practice
Once again, and with much joy, I am helping out with the middle school Christmas play. It takes up only about an hour a day, three times a week. It is a lot of fun to see the children in their roles, and try to help them be the best actors they can be!
This year we are doing "Christmas in July"
It is a cute play about the new year's calendar getting all messed up when the person taking over drops the calendar, and the days become scattered. Very cute!

3. The weather has certainly changed for the colder. We have had really cold winds even though the sun still shines. Last night there was a light dusting of snow...
Winter is here and has come on quickly! it doesn't seem like too much, but between these events, exercising every day, fixing meals, walking Bella, our dog...
oh yea...I forgot...

Bella was attacked by another dog here on our camp. It was not a pretty picture, and truthfully, I thought the other dog was going to bite her throat. Luckily, she didn't, and someone came to help pull the other dog off Bella. She has a few, minor scratches, but it was scary. I am very upset at the owner because she is very lackadaisical when it comes to the safety with her dog. It is a delicate situation because it is strongly suggested to not bring animals here (for other reasons), but this makes it even more difficult because I do not want to upset that delicate line of being able to bring them in.
between all this and that, really just daily life, my blog has been neglected!
I will try to post more often, but the reality is that it may not be as often as my readers like.
I will do my best...

Happy Winter!