Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29

I know that this has been done on many Nablopomo's sites, but it is a favorite song of mine. So here we are, for today's HA post we have....A-Ha, Take On and watch the video and hear this great 80's song~


Jodi said...

Yay!! That was my first day's post. LOL! Love that song!
Happy Monday - hope you had a great birthday!!!

Scriber's Web said...

What a great song! Brings back memories:)

Have a great day! September is almost over.

Marina said...

wow!! that really is 80's ! speaking of 80's my girlfirend is having her 40th birthday oct.18 she is have a 80's B-day party and wants everyone to come dress in the 80's do you haave any ideas?

Coffee Slut said...

Awesome song!
Happy Monday!!!

Gabriela said...

OK HOW LAME AM I????????????????????

Happy Birthday. (hanging my head in shame). Tell O he's in troule-he should have told me!!!

Carol said...

What great memories, BG!! I hope your birthday was a memorable one!! Hugs..