Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Saturday, my favorite day of the week!!!

Wow, it amazes me that I have gotten to my One Hundredth Post!
It seems that everyone wanted the usual "100 things about me" here I am (or at least 100 of me)
I have also included a HA! in my 100th post in keeping with my Nablopomo theme of HA! for September

1. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2. I have a Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Sister-in-law, 2 nieces and 1 nephew (just my side of the family, not including my Husband's)
3. I was a ballerina with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
4. I learned how to scuba dive with a Navy Seal and his buddy...
5. I LOVE to scuba dive
6. I have 2 tattoos
7. I have brown eyes
8. I used to wear glasses and contacts for MANY years
9. I had Laser Eye Surgery, the BEST (anecdote: the first night after the surgery, I woke up and could actually see the clock without pulling it to two inches from my eyes!)
10. I have brown hair, naturally. Other times it has been blondish, reddish, highlighted, permed, short, long....I like to change my hair!
11. I am not tall :)
12. I am a Libra
13. Hence, my birthday is coming up shortly
14. I went to the first year of a special program for high school aged future ballerinas in Pittsburgh. It combined our ballet classes with high school...a high school for the performing arts!
15. I was the first local to become an apprentice and then accepted into the company of PBT
15. I have travelled extensively, and hope to continue doing that for a long time
16. I like many colors, but my favorite in the Crayola 64 box is Raw Umber
17. I like to look good but do not follow any particular fashion trends
18. I like to read
19. I was in my high school's plays: "The Leader of the Pack", "A Chorus Line"
20. I am worried that I will not be able to put 80 more items on this list ;)
21. I can not ski, snowboard...only build snowmen and make snow angels
22. I like to play tennis
23. I like to swim
24. My favorite TV show is 24
25. I was also hooked on Design Star this year on HGTV
26. Ok, I like the Backyardigans that I love to watch with my daughter!
27. I am voting for....(HA! no chance, I am not getting into my political beliefs here!)
28. I believe in fate
29. I love to talk
30. I am worried that I will not be able to find 70 more interesting facts about me ;)
31. I married such a great guy...therefore...
32. I feel so lucky to have married the greatest guy in the world!
33. We have two children
34. My children are the best in the world, too
35. I am a bit indecisive (the Libra in me, I guess)
36. I am fascinated by sharks
37. I wanted to be a marine biologist and study either whales, dolphins or sharks
38. I am a floral designer, as my second career!
39. My first priority is my family
40. I am a little less worried that I have 60 more to go
41. I wear my feelings on my sleeve
42. I like to laugh and smile
43. I am a good friend (right, friends?)
44. I try to listen to others
45. I have VERY strong opinions (except when it comes to choosing a restaurant for dinner!)
46. I do not like confrontation, but yet, if I am faced with it, I can hold my own
47. I try to improve myself every day
48. I hope to be a great Mother and Wife
49. I hope to leave an imprint of myself in this world, even if just to the smallest percentage of people
50. Still worried, only half way through, but feeling good about 50 more :)
51. I like to take pictures, above ground and underwater
52. I like to stare at the sky and see the beautiful colors and shapes of clouds
53. I like to find the beauty in every day life
54. I like to help others see that beauty also...stop and smell the flowers!
55. My favorite flowers are: Roses, Tulips, Lilies, Tropical floweres, Iris (ok, too many to name:)
56. My favorite POP is Inca Cola from Peru
57. My husband is from Peru
58. I speak Spanish (though not to my husband or children!)
59. I have lived in Houston, Maracaibo (Venezuela) and Rio de Janeiro
60. Wow, they are flying off my brain now...worrying less!
61. I went to summer camp for ballet in Philadelphia and lived on my own at 16 for 6 weeks there!
62. I would like to own a house in front of the beach
63. The sound of the ocean is so soothing to me
64. I love to hear my children laugh
65. I tend to cry when they cry (even if it is on the inside)
66. I can not stand throw the point that I have to leave the room, and my great husband takes over!
67. I loved pregnancy and childbirth, yes even the pain of it!
68. I am wondering who thinks I am absolutely nuts after that last one ;)
69. I am afraid of someone close to me dying
70. The worry line between my eyebrows, which I really dislike because it makes me look mean, is relaxing
71. I said to my husband at one point...a computer? What would an ex ballerina need a computer for?
72. I practically LIVE on my computer, thank you great husband for getting me one anyways!
73. I really enjoy blogging, though it was originally intended for my family and friends to keep up with our lives since we are so far away, and they hardly ever read it! Instead I have made great computer friends!
74. I use Google way too much (but you try to do 30 days of HA! without it)
75. I didn't think I would ever say this either...BUT, I really love my MAC and will not buy anything else
76. I prefer mornings
77. I like to walk, but if I have someone to talk with, it is even better
78. I loved my dance classes in Maracaibo and miss them so much! Salsa, merengue, reggaetton
79. I still try to dance in my living room for exercise!
80. Wow, I am almost done...worries no more, only 20 more to go
81. My favorite sports to watch on TV are tennis, Steelers football and Michael Phelps in the Olympics!

82. I need to restate the Pittsburgh Steelers because they are my absolute favorite! I even have a special tv box that lets me watch them no matter what part of the world I live in!
83. I have a small mole on my wrist that my brother used to call my pet spider
84. I really dislike being surprised (BOO!)
85. My favorite holidays are my birthday, Thanksgiving for the yummy food, Christmas for spending time with family, and Valentine's Day for love
86. I prefer to have a few close friends that are really close to me/me to them and that I/they can trust
87. Some favorite movies are: The Moulin Rouge, Forrest Gump, Chicago, The Titanic, Schindler's List, Life is Beautiful, Sliding Doors.....but there are so many good movies it is hard to list them!
88. My music taste varies wildly....Latin, Love Songs, Classical, 80's, Rock, I like many different types....
Sarah Brightman, Il Divo, Juanes, Mana, Los Bacanos, The Cure, ABBA....

89. I like Victorian houses, wood floors, marble floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, mixing old with new, big back yards
90. Ten more and I feel good :)
91. I have a dog and cat (currently)
92. I am getting a new puppy (very soon)
93. I am excited to go to the Maldives this December with my great husband, just the two of us...relaxing, diving, eating good food, enjoying being just the two of us!!!
94. I look forward to seeing how my children change and grow (just not too quickly please:)
95. I prefer to see the sun every day, but when it rains/snows, it can be beautiful too (indecisive Libra)
96. I have a positive personality
97. I am not one of those "if I could do it over, I would...or If I only knew then what I knew now..."
98. I would not change anything about my past, everything happens for a reason
99. I am very content with my life, and feel very lucky to be in this position
100. I hope that you all enjoy this :)


Coffee Slut said...

Happy 100th post!
#66 ....I am the same way!
Have a wonderful weekend!

ann said...

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this, BG! And on so many of them I can totally relate :) I loved how you snuck your HA in there :) I'm an indecisive libra too! And I drink POP! And I live in PA (love it!!!) My husband and boys are driving to Pittsburgh right now to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes play Pittsburgh :) Go Hawkeyes! But I'll be cheering on the Steelers with you, my husband is a life long fan. I love it here, BG! PA is such a beautiful state.

Your life is such an adventure, ballet, scuba diving, traveling, I'm envious!

ann said...

Hi again BG! Yes! That would be awesome! Do you mind if I email you? I see an email address when you comment on my blog, would that be okay? I won't email you if you prefer not. Just let me know :)

PJ said...

Ballet, diving, marine biology and flower design! Wow! That's a variety of interests and talents. And...too funny....the #66, if I stick around, I join them. My hubby would alway say, "Get out of here." when the boys RARELY got ill that way!!! :)

lizzy-loo said...

congratulations on the 100th post. i too loved being pregnant. the whole experience is amazing and i cherished each one. so you are not nuts alone.

"MoodyBlue" Jodi said...

CONGRATS ON YOUR 100TH!!! I felt great when I reached mine! I can't believe 200 is around the corner for me. It goes by so fast!

#6 - Have we ever discussed your tattoos...You know Sue & I LOVE tattoos...what are they of?? Have you posted pics and I missed them?

#14 - That is so cool a high school for the performing arts..kinda like "Fame"

#84 - I hate being surprised too. I will not watch any type of horror movie. I even cringe at suspense movies too.

#88 - Umm, I don't see Elvis on that list? LOL (Just kidding..I couldn't resist!)

#89 - Me too!! I'll never have one but they are fun to admire.

Great list BG!! Here's to a hundred more posts!!!

Marina said...

wow!! love it we have alot in commen 47,41. thats me big time, ,29,67,88,85,77, did I miss any ? LOL!!!
do you ever miss the ballet?

I know what you mean about computer I never thought I would want one too ")),love marina

Anonymous said...

I did enjoy that! It is great to get to know you better.

And yes, I do think you are a bit nuts about the pregnancy thing. Me not so much!

Fifi Flowers said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Stop by my site... my post is on Brasil!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

This is the most amazing 100th post I have ever read!!

Carol said...

Oh ballerinagirl, this was great!! It's good to get to 'know' you better through this list. I don't think I'll EVER get to 100 posts. sigh. You'll be my inspiration!

I dreamed of being a ballerina when I was a little girl. Some day I'll post my Ballerina Ragamuffin for you to see! I love her. Ella has my original one!!

Scriber's Web said...

Great Post BG! I am sorry i missed that before. Your life sounds so glamorous. Ballet! Travel! How fun!

I've never been to Maldives. But I have family friends in Australia and India who love to go there. It is also a popular honeymoon location. They have the most amazing resorts there. I mean you can't go wrong. They also have this underwater restaurant. Most amazing. My nephew went there for his honeymoon. I'll ask him for info. If he gives me some, I'll let you know. You'll have a great time!

Congratulations on your 100th post! You are doing great. Are you going to do nablopomo in October? The theme is vote. I'm not too sure about that. I don't really stick to themes but enjoy reading other people's blogs. Ha! was fun for me. You did great!

Looking forward to reading your blog:)