Monday, September 22, 2008

September 22

Yes, you may think I have lost my mind and put this post on yesterday but look again my friends! It is the Brew Ha Ha that took place on August 22 and 23. It said there would be a million laughs!!
This is Cincinnati's tribute to it's brewing history. Supposedly there were 50 comedians, 70 beers and many laughs! Anyone close to this and like comics and beer? Let me know if you saw this...or have been in the past!


"MoodyBlue" Jodi said...

Funny because you did brew HaHa about brewing, Sue has a dog wanting his coffee, and I have a cat who wants his diet coke.

We are all caffeine related today LOL!

lizzy-loo said...

funny, ha, ha. keep it up.

PJ said...

Thanks for the blogging tip. It was the FIRST time I had tried to delayed post. It's fun...! Since I have so little time through the week nowadays!!

Marina said...

doing good BG!! have a nice day.marina