Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Only in Paris:
Pink toilet seat covers in the ladies bathroom!


Meg said...

Yay, pink is awesome -- and unexpected in a place like that!

mythopolis said...

I certainly hope the toilet seats are baby blue in the men's room!

LaLicenciada said...

LOL so funny! OMG

Great post.

Happy WW!! Feel free to stop by my WW post!


Anonymous said...

Think I can get one imported? lol jk

Brenda said...

How retro, I love it!

Governor Jen said...

Great find!

Jaimin said...

Too funny. That's awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

What about the fact that there is no tank in this toilet... Did anyone notice that??? NOOO!!

Carol said...

This is too funny!! I didn't see any of these in Paris!

Thank you for your dear comments on my blog. I was first mesmerized by YOUR blog because of your personality! I think we look at life much the same way, albeit yours is much more exciting than mine is right now!

I am having trouble keeping up with my dolls right now. They will eventually be on the website I have a little designer working on as I type this. I would LOVE to meet. Maybe sometime when you're in PA?? That would be a dream!!

Are you packing???? xoxoxoxox

mythopolis said...

Love anonymous's practicality. Yes, where is the tank on this toilet!? There is a small dark sensor, perhaps above the toilet seat. Maybe it knows when to flush. OMG! People in outer space are watching me in the bathroom via a satellite! I hope I didn't excrete any classified information! : )