Thursday, October 28, 2010


I probably should think about changing my closet a little...
now, don't worry Honey, I am not going out and buying a whole new wardrobe, but...
black and tights/leggings are definitely the norm on the street.

I usually wear bright colors from living in Rio, but felt a bit awkward today, when I went out.
First of all, I should mention that I went out for the first time by myself today.
I called the driver company that works for us here, they came and picked me up, and took me to where I needed to go.
I was in my rose pink track suit...
boy, did I stick out like a sore thumb.
The good thing is that I did go to a new grocery store that I liked a lot. It reminded me of one in the US really...not as many choices or different products than the other stores here, but just bigger aisles and very clean.

Food is tricky, well...everything is tricky since this is the first foreign country that I have lived in where I do not understand the labels! I wish that I knew how to spell "salt" in Russian or Kazakh. I really prefer salted butter. There is an English type here but I can only find the "unsalted" variety!

Oh well...I will keep trying new things!


lailani said...

Tights and leggings are in here too - which means to cover my tush (since it is not a 20) I have to purchase new tops to go with the leggings!haw!

I had a friend that lived here for a while. She was originally from the Republic of Georgia. I remember her saying one time how nice it was to be able to just go buy cans of beans or vegetables. In the reb. of ga, making chili was quite a process - no canned beans, tomatoes etc. I was fascinated by how EASY we have it and what conveniences we take for granted - including salted butter!

BLOGitse said...

соль {f} (solʹ)

(it's in Finnish but you can use it easily)
Englanti (English) > Venaja (Russian)

In Egypt and here in Morocco it's very difficult to find salted butter but semi-salted is no problem.
But sweet things are no problem! They have a lot to learn......

FancyHorse said...

According to Google Translate, salt = соль
Same as BLOGitse said.

mythopolis said...

So interesting how different cultures have such different styles of dress. I can imagine pink really stood out!
I couldn't live without salted butter!

Nicole said...

Nah, just keep wearing your clothes. Maybe you'll start a new trend :)