Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One amazing story and others

Are you watching the rescue of the miners in Chile?
I find it amazing that they have been so successful in their mission.
May God bless them and their families and help them through the aftermath of their ordeal!
Every man that comes out brings tears to my eyes...

We start packing today...I will try to snap some pictures and report tonight.

A sad part of our transition is having to say good bye to our older dog Coal yesterday. He is going to a loving home with my maid. Coal really loves her and the reality of the situation is that it would have been a very difficult trip for him. Plus, being 10 years old and trying to deal with the harsh winters of Atyrau may have been too much for him. So we made the tough decision to leave him here. It was a teary farewell but one I feel is best for him, which should always be most important when caring for an animal.
(This is not the best photo, but it seems it is the only one I can find right now)


mythopolis said...

I am sure Coal will be very loved, and you did the best thing for him!

Yes, the rescue operation is quite gripping. I just posted about that as well!

BLOGitse said...

That's great attitude - what's best for the animal, good for you! even if was difficult...
Enjoy your packing! :) say MUIKKU!

Carol said...

BG....You are a wonderful 'doggy' mama. When God entrusts us with any kind of motherhood, we must do what's best for our children. Kudos to you for this tough love decision.

And yes....the miners in Chile: what a miracle that they are all safe. There's no doubt that each of their lives will be lived much differently from here on. God is good!

Much love and luck to you as you continue on this journey. I thank you for sharing it with all of us~


GutsyWriter said...

Hi BG. You did the right thing for Coal. Can wait to learn more about where you've moved to. We're still hoping to move to Naples, Florida. if only our CA house would sell.

Nicole said...

If that's the Best for him then it will be fine, especially if he loves the maid.
Best wishes for your packing and travels!

Gabriela said...

Tchau Coal! I'm sure he'll love being a Carioca the remainder of his life.

:( Still sad to say goodbye.