Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm here..and with internet and a working blog!! (and of course a few airport stories!)

Yes, the blog works!
I guess that temporary residence we stayed in the last time we came didn't have the same set up as you can get personally.

So, the internet man came this morning, hooked me up, and here we are!

So, yesterday went fairly smoothly but there is always an airport story, right?!
Leaving Rio was challenging. We had to go from Rio-Sao Paulo-Amsterdam-Atyrau.
We needed to collect our bags in Sao Paulo, so that KLM could send them striaght through to Atyrau, since our connection was only 45 minutes in Amsterdam.
Well, the local Brasilian airline didn't want to do that. They said the travel agent didn't book the flight right and that they had to send the bags to Amsterdam.

Well, after much discussion with supervisors, my husband and the travel agent, they finally decided that they could do that. Luckily we made the plane on time, were able to pick up our bags in Sao Paulo and be on our way.

The flights were fairly non eventful. My kids (and me!) loved traveling in business class. It makes such a difference on the long haul flights. the flight from Sao Paulo to Amsterdam took 11 hours...and being able to lay your seat almost flat is amazing!

The 45 minute stop was not a problem as I was worried it would be. The gates were fairly close, and we made it without too much effort.
When we land in Atyrau, everything went smoothly with the passports and visas, but we were missing 4 out of 5 bags.

I guess the 45 minute layover wasn't enough for them! So, we had to wait in line (several people were missing their luggage actually) and fill out a form. We should get them on tonight's flight....but we shall see.

So here are a few photos of the house we have...
my daughter is still sleeping (it's almost noon here!), and my son is out playing nerf gun battles with some new should be good here. I'm excited...I just hope that the month without my husband goes by quickly!


Anonymous said...

The house looks lovely. You are so fortunate.
Yup... You are right there is always a flight story. Although your blog is not specific on details, I assume it was your husband who sorted out the suitcase piece in Rio?
Geez, if he did, he sounds like a great guy!!

BLOGitse said...

Welcome to your new home! :) It looks brand new! I wish we moved a house too. I don't like this flat at all...
What's the temperature over there?
Can you manage in English every where without problems?

mythopolis said...

Wow! What a haul! I got a kick out of your son already out playing with new can adapt so easily, at times. Hope your other bags arrive soon! Glad you will be able to continue blogging!

Fabiola said...

So happy to hear from you on such short notice!!!!!

Welcome to the new home!!!!

lailani said...

It looks bright and cheery and warm! Welcome to your new home!

Scriber's Web said...

Yeah! So good to hear from you! I am living vicariously through you. And loving it! So I was going to ask you if you are going to do nablopomo this year. We met via it 3 years ago! The theme was Ha! Remember? Good luck with your new home. Sending many positive wishes your way:)

Betty said...

I´m so glad you made. And your blog is working! Yeahhhh for us. :)
Love the look of your house. All the best in getting it to feel like home.

FancyHorse said...

Welcome back! Your home looks lovely, so big and bright and cheerful! I'm glad your son is making new friends already - I hope the rest of you will soon, too!

When we arrived back in the States after a European vacation, the only thing that was left behind was our dirty laundry! A man from the airline brought it to our house a few days later (about a 2 1/2 hour drive), and I teased him about washing it for us! He laughed about it.

Brenda said...

How wonderful to be in your new home! I love the white tile floors. I seem to remember you saying it gets cold there. Will you put down some area rugs?

Nicole said...

The house looks lovely, easy to clean and spacious :)!
Hope for you too that the time without your hubby goes by fast.
I know how much it sucks!