Thursday, October 7, 2010

Houses, hair and hectic

That pretty much sums up my life right now!

I had my hair done yesterday by my favorite hair dresser here.
There is always drama with him, but he gives a good cut.
The problem yesterday was me...not the time (for a change!)
Remember last time it took 6 hours? Well it only took 3 yesterday...and really, the first 1/2 hour we were chatting the whole time!

So, the debate yesterday was do I go for a complete change and cut it short. I mean SHORT!
Well, I chickened out...but he offered me a free cut if I decide to do it before I leave in a couple of weeks. I keep looking at photos of Michelle Williams new hair can google it, and I think I'm going to do it!

See, my philosophy on hair is that it grows! When I was a dancer I couldn't cut my hair. I had to have it long...and well, ever since I stopped dancing 12 years ago,
I have always changed my hair.
I have had it short before and liked it....
I have had it long and liked it...
right now, I have had my hair long for quite some time. I know it looks pretty...
everyone tells me how pretty it is.
For me, it is not about pretty. Pretty comes from the inside, and I think I still "look pretty" with my hair short or long.
What I want is a change I think. I'm tired of blow drying it the same way every time.
I know short hair has a lot of upkeep, but I am ok with that.
Anyways, the decision isn't made yet...but it is certainly looking like a short do is in store for me! (and if I do it, I will take a picture and break my rule of no personal photos on my blog!)

My friend Carol asked about packing...
yes, it has started. I technically do not have to pack anything except my personal belongings.
I do need to start putting Post-it notes on where items are going though. Most of our belongings will come with us, but quite a bit of the big pieces are going to storage in the US.
The air shipment was packed on Monday. No food allowed, not even cat/dog food.
Uh-oh...looks like it will be some home cooked meals for the animals too!
It went smoothly though, and it should be on it's way to meet us there!
The sea shipment starts next week. Wish me luck with separating what goes where and making the gentleman understand all of it!

and finally...we found out which townhouse will be ours!

This was much anticipated news because there was a small debate going on.
(I will spare you the details!)
We are having a townhouse that overlooks the Ural River. I am very excited about this because it allows us some more privacy in our back yard. Plus, it is at the far end of the camp...which means I will feel like I can "get away" at least a little bit. Also, it will allow me some great pictures (I hope!) of the Ural River, especially once it freezes over completely!

Things are going well!!!


mythopolis said...

Well, yes. Go for it! You are moving to a new land, might as well arrive there a new person. That's what I always liked about can just be whatever you feel like being.

New quarters sound nice. I can't imagine the endless details of getting from here to there. But, if anyone can do it, YOU can! : )

Nicole said...

Oh, I keep my fingers crossed for the house!
Every tiny scrap pf more privacy is a blessing!
Hope you will have a smooth move!

Scriber's Web said...

I had short hair for many years and loved it! My hair is naturally wavy so it is a mess when I wake up. So I got it cut short and used to just put gel after shower and be ready to go! Since then, I got my hair straightened. It is longer now but I love it!

Good luck with your moves! And keep us informed:)

mythopolis said...

I wanna see pics of girls and their hair-dos!

Fabiola said...

Well, it seems everything is going fast!
Do you have a departure date already?
I wish I could go to Rio before we leave and say good-bye!!

BLOGitse said...

I'm happy for you - everything seems to go smoothly...
Have a gooood weekend!

Brenda said...

It must be such a relief to know where you are moving in to, its always nice to be able to think about your future home, I know that feeling well.

I say cut your hair short! A change is always fun. But maybe wait until you move and you know you have a good hairdresser at your new country. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely curious to see your picture. I hope you do cut your hair!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

You're moving? We have been out of touch for quite a while. I am thrilled you stopped by BG. And I can't wait to see you and your new "do". I am sure whatever you decide it was be adorable. It seems everyone thinks short hair is easier to keep than long hair but, like you, I think just the opposite. I got brave once and cut my hair short. Nope...not for me and started letting it grow out asap. I think long hair is easier because when it's not clean and you are in a hurry you can always pull it back in a pony tail. Best of luck with our move. Now I am off to read back post of your blog to see where you are going. xoxo Lynn