Monday, December 29, 2008

run, run Rudolph

I knew it was a little tricky to travel around the holidays. But what fun would it be if I wasn't running through an airport! As smooth as the flight from Brasil was, is as completely opposite on todays' flight, as my husband and I had to run at JFK!
It started off to be a wonderful day. It was WARM in Pittsburgh...going up to 70 degrees! We went and had a delicious lunch with my Brother and his family. He made a yummy calamari pasta and we had King Crab Legs... DELICIOUS! We get to the airport with plenty of time... no hassles checking in.We sit down and have a refreshing drink before we start a long haul to the Maldives.
The flight leaving was delayed due to ??? They say that there were problems in NY with traffic back up. Well, whatever it was, we were going to miss our connection to Dubai; which would also mean we miss our connection in Dubai to Male, the capital of the Maldives. So, I rush onto my computer to find the telephone number to United Arab Emirates and call them. They can't do too much, but they said there were flights for tomorrow. A small sigh of relief, but then.... the Delta agent came on the speaker and announced that we were boarding and we had to try to get on as fast as possible. We all ran!
So, it took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to land the plane in NY...hhmmm, guess they were right about the traffic! We had an hour to get our boarding passes and find the gate. Now, do not ask me why the Delta agent couldn't give us the boarding passes in Pittsburgh, but none the less we were off and running! We ran from where we landed in Terminal 4 to the air train....then got off on Terminal 3...well... we had to run down stairs, out into the street to cross and run again through corridors and onto an to the ticketing agent...our flying angels were watching over us because there wasn't anyone in line, so he ticketed us and we ran downstairs to the security...AGH...didn't we already do that? and of course, the cardinal rule when you are late...they stop me to check out my bag filled with my dive computers and underwater camera housing. I was very polite and let them take as long as they want...but inside I was fuming! He asked what each piece was for and what did I take pictures of under water??? Are you joking me buddy? What would one take pictures of under water? FISH??? CORAL??? Just let me get on my plane!
We made it though...and there were even a few people coming on after us. I hope that our luggage made it, but really, that is not as important to me as US making it.

Now, here we are in Dubai's airport waiting for our next and final flight. The flight here was LONG, and I am used to long flights! I watched a few movies, though...(need to finish one on another flight), ate delicious curry chicken and rice (yes, delicious food on a plane!), read, slept...and finally arrived here in Dubai.
We have walked theairport full of beautiful stores and incredibly modern architecture. Here are some of the scenes here at the Dubai airport. Enjoy, and talk to you again soon from the Maldives!


Fabiola said...

May the angel flights stay with you ; )

Happy New Year!!!


Jodi said...

I put alot of people through Dubai on flights and they always run into headaches too from JFK. The best part is it is a nonstop flight but "the only game in town"...if you miss it, you have to wait until the next day. I even think they don't fly one day during the week so if it falls the day before that, it would be a bad thing. Thank God you made it BG!! May the angels be with you on your journey to Male. By they way, I heard great things about the Dubai airport!

lmerie said...

Oh neat! Sounds like God was smiling on you guys- glad you made the flights. Looking forward to seeing your pics!

Brenda said...

I can't wait to see some of those underwater pictures!

Scriber's Web said...

Glad that the angels were watching over you. I've never been to the Dubai airport but I've heard it is one of the best airport in the world! It is spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing the photos! And thank you for taking time to post on your blog.

I know I am living vicariously through you:)

Safe trip!

Beverlydru said...

I love traveling with you. I look forward to your marvelous photos and accounts of this adventure.

Gabriela said...

Wow-that's one fancy shmancy airport! Glad you guys made it (so far)! Hope you have fun diving. Love, Gabs

lizzy-loo said...

i think if you have checked luggage they cannot leave without you. security reasons. glad you made it; you will have a great time.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi BG, Hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful time. I have been known to run through an airport or two myself. Just wanted to wish you a belated Happy New Year. ~ Lynn

Joyfulsister said...

Yummm Calamari pasta and king crab, Gee now I want some lol. Happy new Year My Sistah!! I missed my visits since my computer crashed but yay I can blog and visit again thanks to my sweet hubby!!! Wow what an airport experience, and Dubai whoa I saw a special on it oneday awesome place to visit.

Hugz Lorie

Carol said...

And she's off and running!!! Happy Happy New Year, Ballerina Girl! I can't wait to read about your 2009 adventures!