Friday, December 12, 2008

busy, busy, busy...

I feel like I have no time these days....why you may ask? Well, here was my schedule today:

5-wake up with Bella to take her out
sleep a little more....
6-wake up and take a shower, get myself ready
6:30-get everyone else up, make breakfast, feed dogs, take dogs out, brush hair, reapply lipstick after slurping down the remains of the kids Honey Nut Cheerios (can't waste valued commodities like that!)
7:30-leave house
7:45-get to school for daughter's music presentation (and in the process of waiting and casually talking to another mom, getting pulled into doing the "store" for Destination Imagination this year :( I crazy?)
8:15-waiting for presentation
8:30-kids start presentation (such cuties singing a very international themed holiday presentation...)
*side note #1-there were also speaking parts...and the best was when a little boy said (and I will spell it as he said it), how the three maggie came to give their gifts...
yes, not magi, sounding like madge eye, which is the proper way, but more like the girls name Maggie...very cute
9:10-finish and wait for daughter, compliment her, buy her the LAST chocolate croissant from the Snack Shack (which is a true show of my love for her because they are SO good)
10-(take 45 minutes to get to the store) on my way with a close friend to show her the rock store that sells beautiful geodes in almost any color, type, size and shape you could want...all while looking for Christmas presents to take back.
*side note #2-this store is is amazing how many rocks can be in one store on two floors...and even more amazing, how when one is going to buy said rocks, how long it takes to make a decision (see leave time to be amazed)
1:30-on our way to grab SOMETHING, ALMOST ANYTHING to eat and check out small boom boxes for friend's kids for Christmas...(yes in the same store-electronics, paper products, grocery store, small luncheon counter)
* side note #3-I was in charge of ordering the sandwiches...we had seen some that were fine, but they were pre-packaged so we preferred ordering it fresh. After I paid for them, you move down the counter and watch someone make them....first, she took FOREVER putting on the rubber gloves to make the sandwiches, and we had little time left to make it back to school. then the ones I bought were DOUBLE the size of the pre-packaged ones. third, she starts putting on so much mayonnaise that it was almost a half inch thick and oozing out the sides. this is where I lost it laughing....I had to call my friend while she was paying for the other stuff (laughing so hard into the phone that I was crying, and doing it again as I am writing this), and tell her WAIT till you see these sandwiches.
2-headed back to "our side of town" (to be explained in another post because this is already getting too long and probably boring you) to leave me at our apartment (this friend and I live in the same building), and she was picking up the kids (my two and her two)
2:30-make it to the apartment and she goes for the kids because I am now on my way to pick up my son's new passport that had to be renewed before we left for the States.
side note #4-passport pick-up is ONLY on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 3-4...don't ask me, no clue!
3-make it to the consulate and then sit there, the ONLY one in the American Citizen Services part, waiting for someone to notice I was there, besides the armed guard trying also to get someone's attention, but not really allowed to leave his post!
3:45-finally leave the consulate with passport in hand and head to the club where both kids have been dropped off for tennis lessons
4:15-make it to the club, say hello to the kids, kiss, kiss, and then decide to look at the Christmas bazaar they are having.
5:15-leave club, come home, make quick dinner
6:15-take the kids and dogs for a walk on the beach
7:15-get back, wash dishes from dinner, put kids into the shower....and FINALLY sit down to blog :)

All that, purposely without any spaces between lines because that is how my day felt, absolutely no "space" for time or error! I will end it with a Jolly ol' St. Nick from my Christmas decorations just to end on a calm note!


lmerie said...

I agree, a busy day for you!

Jodi said...

Good gracious BG, that is ALOT in one day.

The St Nick is adorable!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little calmer for you. :)

Scriber's Web said...

Wow. That is a long long day.

And this post wasn't boring at all. It was fun getting a glimpse of your day. I just picture you sitting around on the beach in a skimpy bikini. LOL. Sorry. But living in Rio sounds so exotic:)

Have a great day!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I'll do the walk on the beach with you....everything else....not! :)) There are lots of swaps that include international bloggers BG. We would love to have you.

Beverlydru said...

Thanks for taking us along on your day. I loved it!! Ditto on "especially the walk on the beach". My roots are in the sand... I'm a sea oat. Merry Christmas!!!!