Thursday, December 18, 2008

nothing, nada, nengum

I am happy to say that the trip went without a hitch...literally! There was not a single problem. The planes left pretty close to on time, the flights were not bumpy, the luggage all came....
hhhmmmm, so what do I have to blog about my trip then?

Well, there was one bloggable bit. This:
Yes, notice the label:
From the Islands of Fiji, natural artesian water.
Can anyone tell me that they would really buy this actually thinking it came from Fiji?
and what is artesian water anyways?

Hahaha, well, it at least gave me a good laugh as I was strolling on the layover in Atlanta! (and something to blog about my trip!)


Anonymous said...

I dont know..i actually got the same water on my trip last weekend. Taste like regular ol joe water to me...i dont know whats so artesian about it hahahaha...

oh wait...its the price right...mine was $4...

Glad your trip was uneventful! Those are the best kind!!

Jodi said...

I like that water...I think the Fiji name and the funky shape of the bottle is all a ploy to make it cost more $$$

SO happy you arrived safely without a hitch!!!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Glad your trip went great.

Yes, pretty bottle... tastes just like my Brita filtered water though... I admit it, I bought the bottled water for its "looks".

Have a Merry Christmas!

Maca said...


PJ said...

Where I grew up, we often drilled wells for water. Anytime a new house was built in that rural area, a well had to be drilled. I understood artesian to be a well that wouldn't run dry, sometimes it just sprang up out of the pipe. Everyone was always hoping for an artesian well, but rarely happened.

Bottled water in the U.S.? There are no regulations on the industry. Could be coming from a faucet in somebody's backyard. Isn't that comforting.

However...the advertising on Fiji water SAYS it comes from Fiji from an Artesian well. Yeah! Like I said ... no regulation!!!

Sure is a cute bottle though!

Coffee Slut said...

We sell that water in my store tastes like ummm water.