Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas shoes for a luncheon!

Yesterday was our Book club's Christmas luncheon. ( I say "our" because our bloggy friend Gabriela got me involved in this book group, so I feel like it is a "we" thing :)

There were only 10 of us but it was a great fun. Here are my Christmas shoes...I feel like I only wear these shoes around Christmas time because they are not all that comfy (nor is any closed pair after always wearing sandals and flip-flops!) and they just really remind me of Christmas! I do love them though, so uncomfy or not, I continue to wear them!

Here is my tree with presents under it! Why is this so special to me? Well, we are always in Pittsburgh for
Christmas to celebrate with our families. Therefore, the presents are under those trees! Doesn't it look pretty, too?!

and last bust not least, here is what I picked from the grab bag. Now if you all read Gabriela's blog from last Christmas, then you would know why I feel so lucky to have kept this present! We play the game where you pick a number, then pick a present or steal from another...the game goes on and I felt very lucky to end up with this: a beautiful non-rusting (very important when you live next to the salty ocean), frame. And a BIG thank you to Gabriela for not stealing it, though I know you wanted it :) That is true friendship!


Brenda said...

I LOVE those shoes!!

Gabriela said...

Your party was great-you are always such a wonderful hostess.

And, I did notice those cute shoes (how could I not).

And I know you are totally jealous of what I got. How could I trade what I got for that silly frame???

Jodi said...

Those shoes are SO cute!! I like your tree too..I love the view behind it too!

PJ said...

Love the shoes!! And I know what you mean about wearing them ANYWAY. Sometimes pretty is just THE most important thing!!!

And we play that game too at our ladies group. Sometimes the "stealing" gets ugly!!! That is a beautiful mirror!!

Fabiola said...

The shoes are just pretty and so Christmas like.

The house looks wonderful.


Scriber's Web said...

Really cute shoes. They look comfy to me. Although I know what you mean about flip flops. Once you wear them, anything else is hard.

I love the frame too. See you tomorrow:)