Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A little bit of everything...

I have no idea what is going on with my blogger and backgrounds! I am trying to download from the same
Cutest Blog on the Block, but there is nothing happening! It just shows up as a blank gadget in my sidebar with a little wrench. AGH!!!!! If anyone has some insight, I would appreciate it!

We finally had nice weather over the weekend! Here is how I like it:

so, my husband or now known as "The Grill Master", (which makes my son chuckle...to the point that he said I should put it on my blog!), bought a small grill and we put it on our table on
our balcony! It is probably not allowed 12 floors up in a building, but we decided that there is enough wind that until someone says something, or we get a letter from the association, then we have GRILLED food! Yummy!

and finally, here is Miss Bella. She is doing so-so on her training. She still has accidents and sometimes she goes without any..... just the realities of having a puppy. I have decided to not stress so much about it. It has only been two weeks into the training. The only really hard part is getting up at 4 in the morning because she needs to go! I will hope that this too shall end some day!


Jodi said...

Bella is beautiful BG!! Is that balcony netted so she couldn't slip off? Just asking because I am a worrywart pet owner.

For Cutest blog on the block...I think first you have to set your template to minima. Then you take the code for the blog background you like and go into your dashboard and layout...click on add a layout and and paste the code. Hit save. I usually go up top and hit save again and then view blog. When you look at your layout it should look blank with a wrench and just say HTML. When you click on the wrench it will open up and the code should be there. Otherwise it looks blank on your layout.

I hope this helps. I changed mine twice in the last two weeks. I'll keep the current one until Dec I think.

I hope you are doing OK BG! Enjoy your day and give that precious Bella a kiss! She is just adorable.

Jodi said...

NEVER MIND about my question about your balcony. I"M SORRY BG! I saw below in a picture of your balcony in your post on Saturday and it looks like it is screened. I just panicked when I saw the open sky behind her. Duh Jodi!! My bad!!

She truly is such an adorable dog. I wake up at 4am to feed Harley so I know how you feel. What we don't do for our pets!! LOL!

Have a good afternoon!!

CIELO said...

Well my dear what I see here is LOVELY! I love love your new background and sweet colors... a huge congratulations on the nice change! :) I wanted to let you know I was finally able to post about the award you passed onto me a while ago... my sincere thanks to YOU....



My Full Hands said...

We grill at least once a week and love it. The kids seem to eat better from the bbq than the stove. Good luck on keeping your grill!

PJ said...

The view from your balcony!!! It's like living in a resort! And sure hope you get to keep your grill. As long as no neighbors get nosey!!!

And I can tell you had a great time with the "p.h.o.n.e!!" LOL


lizzy-loo said...

4 in the morning! i hope she outgrows that. i think the grill master should invite all the neighbors over to partake - then everyone will want you to keep your grill.

Marina said...

love your view !!! wow!!! and love anything grill, marina