Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kreativ me...

My blogger friend Jodi gave me this award:
Thank you Jodi...
Now, I have to "list 6 things that make you happy and pass it on to 6 other bloggers."

My six:
1. My husband and children
2. My life
3. Scuba diving
4. Sunshine
5. Flowers
6. Traveling

My six friends that I find to have Kreativ sites:
1. Cielo
2. Sonja
3. Gabriela
4. Carol
5. PJ
6. Tracie

In each of these ladies posts, there is always something beautiful, that makes me laugh, or think, or wonder and enjoy their site. Visit is well worth it!


PJ said...

Thanks. I'll grab it as soon as I get to my home computer. Can you believe it? The site opened up here at work.

Carol said...

ballerinagirl...You are too sweet! Thank you! I will happily pass it on to 6 friends!

You can purchase my dolls by emailing me at

CIELO said...

Oh, thank YOU sweet Ballerina! Wow, what an honor for me to receive your precious award! I will talk about it as soon as I can... y muchas gracias!

Un abazo


My Petite Maison said...

Hi Ballerina Girl,
Congratulations on your Award, you deserve it - it's very fun to visit you here. You picked some very happy things on your list.

Thank you for passing the award on to me. I really appreciate it. It's always uplifting here visiting your cheerful blog!
;) ~Tracie

Marina said...

Love your award !! and I always enjoy visiting you ") marina

Jodi said...

You deserve it my friend :)