Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Goings on...

So, what has been happening in my life.... I feel like I have not been writing as much and here is why:

Cute? you bet!! Frustrating? way more than you could imagine....why?
Well, after successfully (word used lightly) training her to go on the paper until after her third vaccine, she now does not want to go to the bathroom outside. Literally, yesterday was the first day and I spent an hour and a half in the morning, about an hour in the evening and NO LUCK.
I went back to the crate training method, which is, I put her in the crate at night to sleep and in the day when there isn't anyone home....theory: she will not dirty her "house". Generally works...

Example #1: this morning she had only done a little poo, understandable...night time is a long time to hold it for a puppy....so I scoop her up in my arms (she hates the elevator) and then my other dog wanted out also. I put her down for 2 SECONDS to put his leash on...and she pees in the hallway...AGH!

Example #2: after the last episode, I left her in her crate for about 2 1/2 hours and she had not gone. So I sweep her up in my arms, praise her repeatedly (hoping that doesn't make her pee on me) and take her outside.... 2 HOURS later....NOTHING!!! I took her walking (which is a slight exaggeration seeing as she does not like to walk yet), running in the park, let her off her leash thinking that might help.... 2 HOURS and NOTHING!!!
So, my friend, who has trained some guide dogs, brought some water down for her to get it going...and thankfully it worked....came upstairs and fed her and then tried taking her out in mid poo (a joke in and of itself in a 12th floor apartment) but to no avail....
AHHHH, no wonder she is now like this:
I will keep up the vigilance...I KNOW she is a smart dog and will get it...(right?...I mean what dog does not like to go outside? hopefully mine will not be the first! hahaha)

and for those that may miss this (read: none of you but I don't care because I LOVE my Black and Gold):
Steelers 38
Cincinnati Bengals 10


Coffee Slut said...

What an adorable puppy! Training is hard work ...I'm glad mine came already trained!
Congrats to your Steelers!
Have a beautiful week!

Joyfulsister said...

LOL ahh the life of puppy training..Our chihuahua was paper trained, he hated going outside.I think he had anxiety attacks when he did lol poor pup, but gotta love them anyway..

Hugz Lorie

Fabiola said...

My God, you are brave.... Two dogs.... You are brave....


lizzy-loo said...

i think that puppy is doing a fine job of training you!

Jodi said...

Two dogs in a 12th floor department. My goodness..you go girl. Good luck with toilet training. I wish I could be of help to you but I only know cats.

Congrats to your Steelers.

Hope you are well!! Have a great evening!
PS> Bella is absolutely beautiful.

Scriber's Web said...

I was wondering where you were. Congrats on Steelers winning! Training dogs is hard hard work! Good luck!

Gabriela said...

You can do it Bella!!! You must do it for your mom's sake!
(tell surfer dude that Bella needs the support of her father figure in these trying times)

Marina said...

I wish you luck the 12th floor wow!! your puppy is so cute "), marina

My Petite Maison said...

Just a lot of patience... Sounds like what you're doing, it'll pay off. Such a cute puppy!

ann said...

Cute cute cute puppy! What kind is it?

And YAY Steelers!!

Calandria said...

I know, it is so frustrating. I actually tried litter training our yorkie. A friend of mine has a litter-trained yorkie. But it was no go for mine. He preferred all over the house. Now at 3 yrs old he's pretty good but sometimes still has accidents. If it's raining he feels inhibited and can't relax enough to go outside.

I assume you do lots of praise when she does go outside? It's a lot of work but eventually she'll get it.