Monday, October 6, 2008

Half and a quarter, or Sleepy middle, or Steeler's Update :)

It seems like every late game, last Monday night, and last night, I can not stay awake for the half time nor 3rd quarter...
and both times, I have drifted off to the Steelers up by a few....
same last night. I woke up at the beginning of the Fourth Quarter to find the Steelers up by a slight margin and then go on to win it! Go Black and Gold....I love ya!
Steelers 26
Jacksonville Jaguars 21


Srcriber's Web said...

Too bad about not being able to stay up. I ended up watching the cowboys game. My hubby is a huge fan.

Marina said...

my husband and step son where watching the cowboys don't know who won I really don't pay attention but I know there are moving form Dallas to a newer location not to far form there ") marina
OOps Iknow thess has nothing to do with your team ")

Gabriela said...

Ok. You can officialy give me the lame friend of the year award. First, I miss your birthday. Then, you write a lovely post about our friendship and I don't even comment until your NEXT post about your lucky, lucky Stealers.

You are just too prolific of a blogger for me!

Thanks for going to lunch with me-it was fun. YOu make life bearable here! your gift is sitting here staring at me. You will get it soon!

Love ya!

Jodi said...

It is SO cute how passionate you are about the Steelers. I'm glad your team won!

Happy Monday BG!!!