Monday, October 6, 2008


A Friend is a Treasure
Jean Kyler McManus

A friend is someone we turn to,
When our spirits need a lift,
A friend is someone we treasure,
For true friendship is a gift.

A friend is someone we laugh with,
Over little personal things,
A friend is someone we're serious with,
In facing whatever life brings.

A friend is someone who fills our lives,
With beauty and joy and grace.
And makes the world that we live in
A better and happier place!

I found this poem and wanted to send it to my friend, Gabriela...
she took me out to lunch for my birthday, and helped me remember what a special friendship has formed since we moved to the same city just over a year ago.

You know, you never know when something is just going to click. A mutual friend, that we both lived with in different cities overseas, sent an email to us and each other! I am sure you will both get along, and you have kids right around the same age.

I think we would have met anyways, seeing as our two 2nd graders were put into the same class last year. Good thing, because they also became instant friends. It just is nice knowing that no matter how far away we sometimes feel when we live overseas, that friends like her are just around the corner to make it feel like home!

Look at the way the bill came to our table ..and the painted utility pole right outside...

Thanks Gabriela, for sharing my birthday and for always being there for me on our crazy adventure!


Marina said...

Happy Birthay BG! and I am glad you too found each other b/c of Gabriela I found you !! what good friends you too are ")), marina

PJ said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the Panda. And indeed a friend is a treasure!!

lizzy-loo said...

happy birthday. friendship is such an important thing and finding a close friend like gabriela in the life we all lead is so important. i am glad you have each other.

Srcriber's Web said...

Aww... that is such a sweet poem. Your friendship seems like it was meant to be. Have a fabulous Monday!

Carol said...

Sounds like you are BOTH blessed! I'm so glad you had a nice time!!