Monday, January 25, 2010

It all begins anew...

It is good to start again. It helps renew my spirit and energy, and brings freshness to my days.
The kids start back to school today after their Brasilian summer holiday.
The school here tries to combine the summer of Brasil, which is the US winter, and the US summer, which is the Brasilian winter.
So the kids get about 5-6 weeks off for each.
Today they start back and I start my routines again. This will be a special few months for me, seeing as we will most likely be leaving Brasil this year after school is out in June.
We still do not know where our next assignment is. That is frustrating because I am ready to get going on so much that needs to be done beforehand. That can be another post for another day!

Here is another occurrence that begins anew every year here...though it seems a little early!

The Bloco...
These are the street parties that occur before and during Carnaval. These are the parties that are more typical to US Mardi Gras. They are parties organized by groups which pay for a big music band, usually on a truck, and then a huge crowd of people that seem to be bop along behind, in front, on the sides and everywhere in between with it. The crown seemed to vibrate like a cell phone on a table as they moved down the street.
The music is loud...
how to describe the word loud? I am on the 12th floor, in front of a roaring ocean, with my balcony doors (albeit glass doors) shut tight, air conditioning on and it still sounds like a Rolling Stones rock concert in my living room :)
They set up Port o johns right on the street...and this year they had signs on the trees that said:
"Peepee here? no, that's not right ya?!" I thought they would have stayed up longer so I didn't get a picture, but they were funny!
The local government does clean up very quickly after all the mess that follows these parties.

It wouldn't be January/February here without these...
I am not sure I will miss it, but I will miss the vibrancy and carefree attitude of the whole city.
Sometimes it is annoying, and you wish that they would care more about certain aspects of their lives, but they are a carefree people. It can come off as vain and selfish, but you just make the best of it, and try to enjoy!


Lucy said...

The uncertainty of not knowing where you're going next can be annoying, I agree, but it's also kind of exciting. HOw long did you live in Rio?

Those block parties sound like quite something! And the signs the trees are hilarious.

BLOGitse said...

We have the same situation. End of March or later...where...Everything's open.
I try to enjoy this time now before packing and moving again...

NicoleB said...

We are up for the task in August again.
I feel your pain.
But at least I only have the dogs to worry about and not much household stuff.

That is one crazy amount of people, ..... and not even carnival yet :D

I left you a reply to the macro question on my blog.
Thought that's less confusing :)

Fabiola said...

One of the things I miss the most from Bahia is the Mardi Grass festivities.

And, about you living.... I really need to go to RJ before that, so we can meet in person ; )


Betty said...

Those crowds and music would drive me nuts! I´m amazed at your good attitude. Maybe it´s easier knowing it will be the last time....
Hope you learn where you´re going soon!
Happy new school year!

mythopolis said...

Celebrations can be good for the collective soul, and for the economy, even though sometimes they leave a debris field behind.

Beverlydru said...

You certainly have a wonderful attitude about picking up and moving. I look forward to the vicarious adventure with you!