Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The day begins!

It may have been Midnight here and we may have stayed up until 2 am...
but for me, superman has returned!
Yes, Jack Bauer has returned for another exhilarating day for my favorite tv show
It was worth how tired I feel today to watch yet another season begin. I know, the critics may claim that he is like superman...gets all things solved, misses bullets, survive chemical warfare, and seems to live through everything
but I really like the show. I have seen every season. We are on Season 8.
Jack was ready to leave to be with his daughter and her family...yep, Jack's a Grandad now, but he inevitably gets pulled into another day with CTU!
I am up for another long night tonight...11pm-1am. This is the 2 day 4 hour season premiere!
It's exciting...
I have always secretly held a crush for Keifer since I saw him act in The Lost Boys! How funny is that?


Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sis,
How are you doing? I have heard so much about 24 maybe I'll snaek a peek lol. I have been watching a lot of movie marathons lately of the old shows from back in the dayz. It's been fun, but like you said we pay for it the next day as we go to work.

Have a blessed week!!!

mythopolis said...

Love the show, but have resorted to waiting until the last season's videos are out, and then watch the whole season in 24 hours! (Actually it takes less than 24, since you are spared the commercials!)

BLOGitse said...

sshhhh, trust me, I don't tell anybody about your crush for Keifer!