Friday, January 15, 2010

Cleaning up

It seems that I have the time to check and read your blogs, but sometimes I just don't feel like writing!
Anyways, I have been cleaning up around the house recently. It seems that I get into the cleaning up mode when my kids have time off. Now, that may seem contradictory, right? I should be out and enjoying life with my kids, and I do...we go to the beach almost every day, play tennis and hang around. But it seems like the best time, when I have almost no time constrictions to clean up.
I do not mean every day cleaning...with two dogs and a cat, that is a given. I am talking about getting photos into the scrapbooks, putting away unfiled papers that have been sitting there since before Christmas, going through all the magazines and figuring out which ones to keep or pictures to take out of them to file for my flower work.

Speaking of my flower work...I thought it would be fun if we did a little project here on my blog. Though I live in Brasil and will not be able to send them fresh, I thought you could send me a picture of either an arrangement you have seen, or a particular flower, and I could try to make it. that way, I am getting new ideas to try and create and you all will be getting your virtual flowers! Sound like a good idea? Anyone interested?
You can send me the picture of the arrangement or the particular flower that you want me to do to my email. I can try to recreate it and post my photo on my blog, sending it to the person that asked me for it!
Let me know!!


Scriber's Web said...

Oh that sounds like fun! I am interested. Will have to look around for flowers and arrangements:)

BLOGitse said...

Yes yes I'll send you one,
even if I don't quite understand what you're going to do with our pics...But I'll see!
Hey, need your email address!!!

BLOGitse said...

email: get separate email just for blogging. I have gmail
toblogitse at
You could have ballerinagirl at OR
rollercoastermail at gmail
Add that email on your profile page. It's good to have email, if we notice something's wrong or not working we can write to you!

Ballerina Girl said...

ok everyone, on my new profile is my new email...
click on it and send the pictures and I will create an arrangement for you :)

mythopolis said...

OK! I will dig thru my flower photos. This will be a fun thing to do in the middle of the barren winter here!

Nicole said...

The project sounds like fun.
Will send you some in the coming week.
Cleaning up 'clutter' is always good.
I need to do that again as well ;)
Virtual clutter too.... my archives are still full of it, sigh ;)

Nicole said...

And PS:
Your blog is one of the ones that gives me NO trouble.
I gave up on wondering.
I just copy every comment to an always open word document now, before posting ;)