Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ok, so I haven't posted too often these last few weeks due to our US Trip.
It has been going really well with many fun things happening....
the zoo, amusement park, lots of ice cream trips, going outside to:
play in yard (a real treat for our apartment living kids)
water fights with a hose and bucket,
washing Pappy's car (my Dad)
so much to list....

so on to why is the list titled "again???"

I had to go back to get a filling checked from the dentist today.  There was a long discussion about the possible problem and solution...
but why the post is called "again???" is because in the discussion 
my dentist FARTED!!!
Now, for those familiar with my blog, we all know that this is not the first time this has happened to me.  For any newcomer to my blog see post:

So, how do I move forward?  You know the saying:
"you bring out the best in people"... what can I say?
"I bring out the "air" in people?"

Well, he just said "oh, excuse me" and kept talking.  Once again, I tried my best to not laugh and ignore the embarrassing situation that I found myself in...
all the time wondering if this happens to others?  and I am not talking about your husband or children....
I mean professionals that you are having conversations with (or driving with)

Well, we go home in one day, so I will sign off until we settle back in
(or until there is the airport situations, which always seem to happen to me also!)


Fabiola said...

Dear BG,

Have a safe trip back.


PJ said...

Too funny!!! Hope your airport episode is calm, peaceful and efficient. Okay that's too much to ask. How about any one of the above????

If you have issues in Chicago...give a yell!!!

ann said...

Oh that's just a hoot, BG! I hope your trip back goes nice and smooth.

Marina said...

I thought professionals didn't FARTE!! I can't belive he just let it out what does one say??? :)!!!
girl you having me laughing again LOL!!! wish you could hear me ok the car was funny but a Professional what can I say?
But go see Cielo blog she just came form a rose graden and its beauitful!!
I am glad you had a nice vist here in the states I guess your ready for home.Be safe travling back.