Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RUN kids, RUN!

Here we go again....
funny airport story to start the US trip....

We get to the airport in plenty of time, have "dinner", (if that is what you can call airpot food) with husband/Papa...
go to the lounge, (yes a bit extravagant, but a lifesaver when living overseas)
Walk into the American Airlines lounge and give the lady behind the desk my gold card, forgetting that I can't get in just because I am gold.  I go to tell her that I made a mistake and she is all in a huff thinking I am trying to get in to their club without proper membership (goodness gracious these lowlifes wanting to get in our club!).
So she proceeds to not let me speak and asks only for my boarding pass, which I give to her knowing full well that this will not work either because the membership is in my husband's name and frequent flier number!
She looks at me all smug and says, "No, this is only for gold membership..."
I proceed to tell her
"Yes, I know, it is under my husband's name and XXXX number..."
She gets all huffy again and gives it to her assistant who proceeds to find it and all is better in frequent flier land...
(besides the looks of bitterness that I and my two extremely well behaved children are actually allowed in her club:)

We go down to the gate at boarding time and for the second time here in my city, Brazil the crew is stuck in traffic!
SECOND TIME this happens to us!
Crew lessons when in my city, Brazil:
1. There is always traffic, and a lot of it!  
2. Especially more if it is drizzling or raining!

I mean, how hard is it to know that?  It is a well known fact that you must leave early in my city because there is always traffic!
It was raining all day...
hello WARNING:
leave even earlier!
and if it is because you haven't had your allotted time between flights:
American Airlines:  get a different crew!
We had to wait almost an hour and a half (yup, told ya the traffic is bad)
for them to show up.
Which leads to #3 and #4!
We go back up to the lovely receptionists at the Admirals Club after guessing it was going to be a long time before the crew shows up.  I nicely ask her about my connection in Miami because we only have 2 hours.  It may seem like a long time, but when we were already late to leave with no crew in sight yet, then you have to through immigration, then get your bags to remove and go through customs, then re-check said bags and of course then actually get to the gate....
the 2 hours dwindles away....
What does the lovely lady say???
"sorry, I can't do anything because you have to talk to those in Miami.  It is not my problem."
What do I say, meanwhile trying not to let too many fumes escape from my head like in a cartoon???
"Well, it will be your problem and all of American Airlines problem whenever I write a letter and also have to find a new flight."
which leads to.....
The crew finally shows up and we take off close to 10 at night...supposed time to leave...8:45.
Nice flight attendant trying to help me, but they really can't do much 38,000 feet in the air.
So, we run to immigration, about a mile and a half, 
can't rush the immigration officer because he might just detain you....
run to get our bags....wait....wait...wait...
AGH, where are our bags...
ooohhh, look son, grab two carts!  there they are!  Luckily, all 6 came out together!
Daughter, take the two carry-ons, son push one cart and I'll get the other...
get through customs, luckily again, because this time they realize what a rush I am in and luckily though my eyes are extremely puffy from not sleeping, do not think that I am trying to smuggle something in, so we can go right through...
(could it have been the cute little blond daughter looking like she was going to cry because she might miss her flight to see her Bubba(my Mom), handing him the customs form?)
Hand off the suitcases kids...and what now
go through security AGAIN
and what else
Where is the gate?  THE FARTHEST AWAY!!!!
So, son goes running faster while I drag daughter and two carry-ons...
barely make the flight, but here I am now, sitting comfortable in another club lounge....and we had

BAGELS for breakfast!
YEA....almost to my childhood home!!!!


My Full Hands said...

Oh! What an ordeal! Glad you have a minute to sit and relax after all that running!!!!

Abby said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! You and Gabriela certainly have some good stories from your lives abroad...I'll have to keep checking your page:)

Fabiola said...

Well, well, well.... I do know what you are talking about. I am from this messy country and I CAN´T understand all of this.
Truly, I don´t know how you can live here. I miss US so much, I wish my husband got a new internacional assignment abroad soon.

Enjoy 1st world life!!!


Oh, and about the bagels, in Sao Paulo there are a lot of jewish bakeries and the sell bagels, like the one in US.

PJ said...

I absolutely LOVE airports and airport delays .... and sweet helpful club ladies!!! :) DO write that letter (I did once and got TWO free tickets!!!) And your children sound like dream children. Do you rent them out??? I could use helpers like that!

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when you get people looking down their nose at you? For some reason I can see stars I get so mad when people do stuff like that to me, but I rarely say anything. Good for you for now losing your cool!

Marina said...

Have fun and I and I can't wait to hear of your travel !!hugs,marina

MoodyBlue said...

You know I'm in the travel industry & I have to say that American Airlines just threw a whopper at us in the US. They are now charging $15 for the first piece of checked luggage and $25 for the 2nd piece - each way! So now, all the other airlines are jumping on board. So, it is not making my job easy because people are complaining. The thing is I do corporate travel & they could expense it, but the thing is, they don't "want to be bothered". Ugh!!!

Safe travels to you & your family!!!

Gabriela said...

Yeah-you made it. Enjoy my friend, before you know it we'll be back to the old grind.

Miss you!