Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fun in the sun

We finally had a day without rain, so we headed to our local amusement park, Kennywood.
My daughter is only tall enough to ride the Jackrabbit, a wooden roller coaster around since 1921.  
She does like it a lot!  One of her favorites are the umbrellas that whirl you around up above the trees and then close to the ground. When asked in the car ride home what her favorite was?  The merry-go-round!
My son enjoyed the same rides but this year was tall enough to ride the Thunderbolt!  
This was a favorite when I was growing up.  It is also a wooden roller coaster, called the "Ultimate Roller Coaster" and "King of the Coasters" by the NY Times in 1974.
It is always so fun for me to share my childhood experiences with my children, especially since we live so far away in a totally different atmosphere.
We had a great day, and now it is raining again!  Good thing we took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday.
We had a day full of our favorite treats too!
Funnel cakes
 candy apples
 fresh squeezed lemonade, slushies, cotton candy
Yum yum!

To end the night we saw the fireworks festivities.
All in all, a great walk down memory lane and such a enjoyable way to spend the day!


Marina said...

I have never seen a wooden roller coaster looks like you all had a good time! Its been raining over hear too off and on but we needed the rain,are you still in the states?hugs,marina

PJ said...

Such fun!! Nothing quite equals the joy of watching your children enjoy something that you loved as a kid. Especially since their experiences have been totally different. ENjoy your time here!!!

Glad you had an easy time in Chicago. Seriously if you ever need rescued there, I'm 25 minutes away!

My Full Hands said...

We did a rollercoaster trip this summer also. The favorite of most of the kids was the merry go round as well. Who can resist riding on a multicolored horse? I'm glad you are having a great time making memories with your children.

Marina said...

wishing you and your family a happy 4th of July :),marina

The Broken Man said...

Sounds like a great day! My wife loves rollercoasters (although obviously not while she is pregnant!), but generally I'd rather hold the coats.

The Broken Man