Thursday, July 17, 2008

still laughing...

Ok, you didn't really think my trip would go without a glitch did you?  
What then would I have to write about while awaiting our flights!
The newest episode in...
(can you hear the dramatic music playing like the soap operas?)

So, as you may or may not know, my parents, sister and her son are coming down to Rio today to visit with us.  The tickets for my parents were a Christmas present so that they could see where we live and spend some more time with our kids.
Don't ask why, please, but they are flying down through Atlanta.  We are going via JFK and Miami...

stop production, there has been an can not be that simple.....
Well, their flight for Atlanta left a little late, but they are there now and waiting for their on time flight to our city.  We left for JFK an hour later, everything going well...UNTIL
We get to JFK and I notice the flight for Miami is leaving a little late.  Head straight for the airline club because I knew that would be the safest way to ensure that I would have a cart waiting for us in Miami to get us to the gate on time..(hear wedding bell music...getting to the chapel on time hahahaha!)((oh, and we detoured to the bathroom and food stop before the club:))
Once again, the cost of this club has way been paid off for by all the hassle they help us avoid!  Why?  hearing dramatic music playing...
I let the lady know that I am concerned etc etc.... well, we are sitting having our pizza, and I hear over the intercom system (heard just a little bit clearer than the teacher's voice on the "Charlie Brown" cartoons)... could Mrs. Me come to the front desk for an important message....

agh, this can not be good!  (I don't know how much you can imagine hearing the music, but I am hearing major dramatic music playing as I walk the plank to the front desk.....)

So, luckily, the lady that I had spoken to when we first came in saw that our flight was going to not make the connection in Miami...I was going to get in at 11:40, and my other flight left at 11:10.... but GOOD NEWS is coming...hear tinkly music while dancing through the flowery fields in a long flowy dress that just looks perfect on tv, but you really don't like when a "real" person tries it on...
she found us three seat together, and in the bulkhead so we can stretch out, on another flight leaving here at 9:30.

The only glitch is that we have to make a stop over in a city close by to our hometown... but at least we stay on the same plane.
The other thing is that we get in 3 hours later than expected, but at least that isn't too bad considering all the other alternatives... i.e.-paying for a hotel in NY overnight, paying for a hotel in Miami overnight, waiting another day to get home....

and this has been another episode in

(hear the exit music playing)


Fabiola said...

My God, you guys are the best. You can write a book about all the histories that happened to you.
Well, you must have stoped in Sao Paulo, right? Good luck with the fog in both ends.
My husband had his name announced in Sao Paulo once, and his flight form SP to Houston, was delayed only because of him and his late conexion from my hometown. Can you imagine??
I am in Rio again. I know I work a lot once I am here and I only have time at night, but it would be so nice to meet you.

Have a wonderful time with you family around here. They will love the weather, especially because it is not so hot this past few days. For the Cariocas, it is way to cold.

Welcome back.


My Full Hands said...

Ugh! I'm glad things worked out - what a pain. I hope everyone made it with out anymore hassle. :)

Marina said...

Glad you made it back safe and I took the picture post card to show you and Gabs, Fabila,and marina I am visiting you all heheheh!!!
I can't belive you have been gone for 6 years wow!!! that is a long tiem I bit you don't miss the US too much now maybe you are use to living in SA now?
well it does feel good to be home again in your own bed.:)
have fun with your family,hugs.

PJ said...

I hear all the music!!! Along with voices, etc!!!

Thanks for stopping by. You know, I hadn't even thought that next year, I can get insulted in Spanish, too!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure get to have adventures!

I laughed out loud at the comment you left on my blog about that "most wonderful time" commercial. My husband sings it with a big grin every September!!

My Full Hands said...

PS I have a little award for you on my blog, come check it out :)