Thursday, May 29, 2008

one heck of half the week

Fairly calm and normal

Bee sting to daughter's finger.  Inflamed, red and itchy :( 
one child in her class knows that it is "the" finger, though none of the others knows what that means. He says but Ms. Mara (the teacher) it is her middle one and she looks like she is doing you know what.  Good thing only Ms. Mara and I know what he is talking about!

Daughter still very swollen and red.
Son hit in face, right under the eye, almost needed a stitch, by flying book....
slightly provoked by lightly saying "haha" when classmate is called on to answer first.  The other child calls him tonight to apologize again.  Here is how the conversation goes: (or at least what I hear of it)
Son: hey man, it's ok. I mean we all have trouble sometimes controlling our emotions.  
Other child:?????
Son: man, don't worry.  I am ok.
Other child:????
Son: man, it's ok.  I'll see you tomorrow.

Ok, first, where is the "man" coming from?  He is growing up WAY too quickly!  That should be reserved for the teen crowd, right?!
and second, "we all have trouble controlling our emotions"..... once again, my ever so mature 9 year old never ceases to amaze me :)

Please let Thursday and Friday be more like Monday 


Marina said...

what happen to daughter and the Bee sting is she ok?
I didn't know you had a son I don't know why I thought you only had girls.
That was so cute "controlling our emotions" you think they learn that form the teacher,but not the man stuff LOL!! too cute,marina
PS. How is Gab feeling?

Marina said...

BG, its funy that you should mention that my grand daughter got stung by a Bee Monday and we gave her Benadryl and then the nurse said to take baking soda and make a paste and put it over her sting and we did for about 15 mins.and we ice it and it went down,but the nurse said if she gets a fever bring her in to the doctors however she didn't, Let me know what the doctors tell her ,they may ask you what the Bee look like they ask us the same thing.
Your silly boy he sounds so cute! marina

ann said...

Okay, that is a hoot, "man!" heehee! I'll admit I say "man" a lot, I'm surprised my kids haven't picked up on it.

I hope your daughter is feeling better!

Marina said...

How did your doctors appt.go ? what did they say about her finger?

Calandria said...

So a kid threw a book at him at school? Sheesh! But he does seem to be very cool about it. :-)

I planted some honeysuckle in my front yard last fall and I think I'm going to regret that big time. It totally draws the bees. I hope she feels better now.