Thursday, May 1, 2008

Angra Dos Reis

Recently for a long weekend we went to a beach area close enough to home.  It is called Angra dos Reis.  It was very pretty and a great 5 days together as a family, despite all of the rain that came for the weekend.  

We rode horses to a private river area, 

rented a boat to take us to Ilha Grande and got to the see the "7th most beautiful beach in the world" according to our boat captain!

Lopes Mendes is a beach on the open ocean side of Ilha Grande.  It really was amazingly beautiful, whether or not it is on any list.  It is horse-shoe shaped and has some of the prettiest colors of blue and green of any ocean that I have seen.
We had a great time and it was a much needed escape from the daily grind of matter where you live :)


marina said...

sounds wonderful and I love the pictures I am jealous,sniff,sniff,LOL!!
I would love to get away at a beauitful beach I love beache's and realxing !!!

marina said...

Hey, BG come look at my youtube its funny its about a nail solan in the US and a mexican is telling the story well mexican -american too funny!!you will laugh your scoks off!!marina

ann said...

Hello, Ballerina Girl! Thanks for stopping by :) You live in a BEAUTIFUL place! These pictures are breathtaking!

Tracey said...

These pictures are beautiful! It is like looking at a postcard!!

PJ said...

Love the beach pictures. We lived in Ecuador for 4 years -- a lifetime ago!! What does Ungra mean? The rest is "Two Rivers", Right? Just guessing from Spanish. :)

Wish they'd had blogging when I was in S.A...staying connected would have been SOOOOOOO nice!!! (I'm terrible at snail mail!)