Saturday, May 31, 2008

it only got worse....

I am about a 45 minute drive away from where we live, school, etc... at my favorite flower market when I get the call....

Nurse: This is the nurse, your son fainted in his classroom.  He is here with me now and is fine, but I think you should come to the school.
Me: Ok, I am a little far away.  I will be there as soon as possible.
 2 minutes later.....
Nurse: I just talked with his teacher that he was with, and he said he kinda had a convulsion after he fainted.  You should also call his doctor.
Me: Ok, I am on my way.
my thoughts then trail to.....what is "kinda" had a convulsion.  either he did or he didn't!~

So, I finally get to school almost an hour later.  I went to talk with his teacher first to find out all the information before I actually went to get him.
He said that he was talking with him, correcting one of his papers, when my son said he felt dizzy, a little sick to his stomach and very hot.  Mr. Dean, (the teacher) thought he was trying to get out of the assignment or something like that. 
Mean while, may I interject here that that sort of behavior is TOTALLY not my son.  He does get nervous when he does something wrong or not so good, but not to that extreme of fainting and convulsing!
So, he said then my son said he thought he should go to the nurse and then fainted!  My son started to shake on the floor.  Mr. Dean held his head, his eyes were open, and he called his name and said what's wrong, what's wrong.  At that point, my son snapped out of it and stood up.
The school was very funny in that they had the teacher and the psychologist there explaining all this to me.  She seemed to think that he was nervous about what Mr. Dean was saying and maybe I should bring him to talk to her... BLAH BLAH BLAH..
I say to both them, incredulously, I understand that he maybe felt under pressure, and that I would tell the doctor what they were trying to explain, BUT, none of us are qualified to say what the problem was!  
At that point I went to see him.  He was his usual self.  We talked a lot about the incident and then went to see a neurologist.  
I really like my general pediatrician here.  She is very proactive.  She knew that nothing she could do would be what he needed checked for, so she made an appointment right away with a child neurologist.
We went and he passed all the visual and physical tests that he gave him.  He sent us to have an EEG.  I have not heard back from directly (it is Saturday, and I assume not so serious).  The technician that gave me the results said that everything was normal.
I will still wait to hear those words from the neurologist, but for now I am calm again.  He explained that it could have been a drop in blood pressure, which his father is prone to get also.  
We can only pray that's all that it is....


ann said...

I will be praying for your son, BG! That must have been so scary for him and you.

Marina said...

How scary for your son and him my first thought was why didn't they call the ambulance?
and,you could be right sometimes my blood pressure drops and I get really shakey and dizzy and it can feel like a black out so I have to carry with me like an engery bar when I feel it comming sometimes I go to long with our eating and that is not good. You poor thing first your daughter bee sting and now your son I will say a prayer for him.may God bless your children and keep them safe,hugs,marina

Tracey said...

I hope everything gets back to normal for you this week! My thoughts and prayers are wiht your son.

MoodyBlue said...

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry...I agree with Marina, why didn't they call an ambulance? I am glad he is alright, I will add him to my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Wow..scary. I will pray that everything is normal!

Calandria said...

Gee, how scary is that? Did everything turn out ok?

Anonymous said...

Es mut dificil enfrentar las cosas malas que le ocurren a nuestros hijos....Dios nos da la fuerza para estar con ellos y superarlas! Besos. LocaE!