Friday, May 9, 2008

Future Artist

I just wanted to boast a little and share my daughter's art work that was displayed at her school.  She takes art lessons with an artist here and she loves it.  


marina said...

are whose trees? they look pretty.
you are so bless to read spainsh, I can speake but read it only a little bit do you speake spainsh to your hubby?
then you will love Marina's blog -solo cosa lindas she came out on a TV show I was it on her blog and I understood her more than her writing so if you ever go back there tell me what she kind of is saying I kind of have an idea b/c have is in english.I ahve always wanted to travel and see the places that you have seen what a blessing.marina

marina said...

PS. I love they why you did your title WOW!!!! marina

PJ said...

Totally cool. The perspective is good!

Oh yea. I missed the Reis (Reyes, of course!!!)

Thanks for your response!!

Oh Mexican cookery -- My husband is hispanic (2nd generation), and we have tons of international friends. I steal recipes and ideas whenever I can.

Gabriela said...

Hey, your site is looking nice, I love the flowers!!! B's artwork is lovely.

Calandria said...

Wow! She did a great job. I've never seen a picture of monkeys in the rain. :-)