Monday, May 26, 2008

Beach Bums

Sunday was beautiful 82 degrees, sunny.....a perfect day for the beach.  So, we went out our front door and found "our spot".  The waves were a little rough so the kids were safely in the shallows.  My husband and I were sitting there enjoying our day, talking, eating our "queijo coalho" :
Queijo coalho.
This is a picture of the cheese which is on a stick. They grill it in their little coal ovens that they carry.....with toppings of garlic sauce, pepper, oregano....yummy!
There are many other delicacies.....corn on the cob, shrimp on a stick, pop and other drinks, snacks....
There are the other, bathing suits, hats, purses, pareos....
and then there is this...sorry that I don't have a picture, but I will try to explain it as well as I can.  It is not the best place to carry your camera, BUT boy did I need it!
So, my husband is sitting with his back to the water, and I am to his right, with my front to the water to watch the kids.  This lady came and sat practically with her back to my husband's chair.  I am trying to signal my husband (with my ever so expressive eyes) and let him know that something with her is not right.  
Then she moves back again so that her back is just centimeters away from the back of his chair!
Luckily she didn't understand English, so he asked me, since I was making huge "worry eyes" to him, does she have anything in her hands to hurt us?  I said no and then he moved the stick from the queijo coalho more towards me.
Now, if that is not enough....
she moves slightly to the side of his chair!  She is now almost touching him and I am just freaking out!  I said to him....tell her to move!
Luckily she stands up and walks away.  Now, there were quite a few people looking at her then.  It was very obvious that she was not "with" us.  
My husband, being the ever-so-smart man, said he did not want to say anything to her nor even look at her because it may have been what she was looking cause a distraction or to call attention to him so that then she could do something!
Whew....a very strange encounter, but at least nothing happened and we can both giggle about it now!


Marina said...

I think your husband was right about not looking at her. I guess she might of been up to no good,
and that cheese looks good to me!!
The weather sounds nice I thought you all where going into winter.
over hear its been 101 HOT!!!!

CIELO said...

Lucky you that you have the ocean so close....


ann said...

YAY!!! You said "pop" :) Here, they call it "soda" but I say pop. And by the way, I'm originally from Iowa but we don't live there anymore. We're on the east coast now. So far away and so very different from Iowa, but we're doing fine.

Hmmmm, I wonder what that lady on the beach was up to? I'm glad she didn't cause you any harm. Did she seem like a homeless person who needed food or something? Like maybe she was going for your husband's queijo coalho? I can't even think of how to pronounce that heehee.

PJ said...

That was definitely a strange encounter...was she in a trance??? Or psychotic??? Really sounds strange. I'm glad nothing happened.

And the food sooo reminds me of what we would get in Ecuador. I'd jump off the bus at the bus stops to buy corn-on-the-cob from the little vendors. And they'd put a slice of cheese with it...kind of like a feta cheese. Really yummy!

Gabriela said...

weird! I'm glad nothing happened. Ya never know around here.

Fabiola said...
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Fabiola said...

Dear BG,

I am reader of Gabriela´s blog and got here from there. I am from Brazil and.... long story short, I work in Rio de Janeiro during the week and I live in São Paulo.
Let me just say, your husband was right, she was probably trying to disctract you and someone would come and steal something. As Gabriela pointed out, you never know around here (Unfortunatly)

Nice to meet you


MoodyBlue said...

This reminds me of when me & my husband went to a movie theater. It had hundreds of seats in it. It was just us & another couple. They sat about 15 rows ahead of us and we were in the last row. My hubby is 6ft5in so he likes to sit in the back so he doesn't block anyones view. So this woman comes in the theater and sits DIRECTLY next to him. There were four of us in the entire theater with hundreds of seats left and she chose to sit next to my husband. Needless to say, we had to get up and move. Just weird huh?