Monday, March 3, 2008


Ok, so I have been away to Iguacu Falls here in Brasil, ......more on that later!

First, thank you to Gabriela for introducing me to the Twilight series of books!  I took the first one with me on our mini vacation and was "dying" to read the second one when I got home.  I stayed awake until 1 in the a.m. just to see what happened!  I find the books very engrossing, very entertaining.  I read Anne Rice's vampire series ages ago...and loved it also.  I think that she writes a more eloquent version of the vampires, more seductive, more of what we think as "traditional" vampire legend....but there is something about the plain writing of Stephanie Meyer that brings you into the story.  I am into the second book, and have the third waiting for me practically!

Just to update you on my "bad luck" statue...yes, last evening when we returned, the kids wanted to go to the beach.  So, my husband took the statue with him and returned it to where she belongs....I am not sure if he made any wishes??  I'll have to ask him that one tonight :)


marina said...

Gald you back ! The books sound really good but I don't like to ready scary things b/c then I have bad dreams and Ido think when you say Vampire's in the traditonal way.
so you well have to fill me in.
I glad your husband through the statue back !! just in case we don't want bad luck. Have a great read!!.marina

Gabriela said...

Your welcome for the books-#3's coming at you tomorrow. IF I remember. Just kidding-I'll remember!

I missed you, glad you're back!