Monday, March 10, 2008

Foz de Iguacu, Brasil

What a beautiful place!  
These waterfalls are on the border between Argentina and Brasil.  The border runs down the middle of the river that the falls flow into.
There is another country, Paraguay, that also borders Argentina and Brasil here, and has the Parana River, which has the world's largest dam called Itaipu.
One can take a boat ride and get so close to the falls that you are drenched in their spray....way too fun!  You can also repel down the sides in certain areas away from the falls, though we did not take part in that sport.
Natural beauty at it's best.....


Gabriela said...

Wow-it looks beautiful!!! I can't wait to go. :) You'll have to give us all the info.

marina said...

These is breath taking its soooooo!
Beautiful!! The picture's are really good!and to think its between Argentian and Brasil I Know a place I may never see how lucky you are!I bet it was so BIG in person!!
Thanks for sharing.marina
PS. when I was little I wanted to travel the world so I thought of joining the Air Force but my father would not let. I thought that would be one way of seeing the world!!

Anonymous said...

Insisto, tus fotos parecen de un profecional.....FELICITACIONES! estan buenìsimas. Besos!