Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Foz de Iguacu, Brasil

Ok, finished the 2nd book of the Twilight series....waiting until I get the third tomorrow....agh, the agony!

So, I'll start on my trip to Iguacu Falls in Southern Brasil. The falls border Brasil and Argentina...actually the divide is right down the middle of the river.
The hotel we stayed in, Hotel Das Cataratas, though a little older, was beautiful, and tucked into the natural feel of the outdoors without being intrusive (aka-the Sheraton was an eye sore).

They served different naturally flavored waters when you entered the hotel.  
They were yummy...try to make them!  Just put the natural fruit in the cold water!


Gabriela said...

Wow-those fruit waters look great. I'll have to try that-it certainly looks easy enough-and so pretty.

marina said...

Oh,, can I have a glass of water looks good!!
Tongight for the first time in Texas we are having a (caucus) hopefully I spell it right meaning we have to go to the head quaters of the person we are voting for after all votes are in.. we are in the head quaters of the person we want to win the vote is so close we well vote again and it will count twice..can you belive that!! Texas's is so divide for the first time! wow!! people want to see change!!!
Let me know on your scary stories, have a nice day!!