Friday, March 14, 2008


Ok, so I am being a bit judgmental but....
why are people so obsessed with others faults and shortcomings?
The media gives people what they want to hear....all about the sex scandals, all about affairs, who says what against whom, etc.
I think it is so unfair to judge people that are in a public figure.  They must uphold certain moral values, or at least some sort of leadership values, but must we continue to probe further into their lives so that we know EVERYTHING?
There are those that fail, but let us let them be.  They are people and will have their own judgement day, whether it be with their family, or their associates or against themselves.
No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes....


marina said...

I agree with you,sex,scandles and affairs and all and yes I agree we will all have our judgement day,

however BG, you should see the media on Obama his poastor is really bad and I can't belive someone running for office attending his church his pasator calls America a white america!! and a man of God that stands in frount of eveyone used Gods name in vain! it is all over the media what kind of Minster is he? IF Obama Preacher calls these a white America then what am I ? I belive I am a American ever thought I am hispainc.My father fought for these country and so did my husband. Yes BG, I don't like to judging people in the media but these Minster went too far!!
all I can say is he will stand to his creator one day and have to answer for everthing he has said,Oh its bad over here that is all you hear about forget about what happen in NY, these is BIG!! Really Big News!! I was shock to hear the remarks these Preacher was making it blue my socks off!!
These is sad indeed.
No, matter what your religion you are if you are in american you should always be proud to be one !and a man of God using his name in vain that is really bad,
sorry didn't mean to make these so long but could not help it that was all we herd last night and its going to get worset. marina

marina said...

Ps. I am sorry I said so much but I was just realy upset about all I heard last night

marina said...

thanks for letting me now how the weather changes over there its now 95 over here spring is getting ready too spring and in south texas it gets hot!!

I agree with you on the sex scandlas the media makes too much about it they should leave it alone.
But as far as the Democrat nomination goes I think its going to get bad before we know who will
be in the race.
If you have CNN thats all there talking about now,and Saterday night Live makes fun of it a lot.
Do you get any american stations over there?

I hope you have a nice weekend we went to go see that movie 10,000 BC we took our son it was about different tribes and big animals.marina

marina said...

Its good to know you get american stations!!
mainly I like to know the weather even if its always changing on us one day its cold the next day its hot!
But I do love to see Doctor 90210 he is form Brazil is a plastic surgern and I love to see how he makes over people and he even went to Brazil and they show the whole thing to make peace with his dieing dad,
Have you ever herd of him?
Hope you have a nice weekend.
My kid is already out of school yes its that time again SPRING BREAK! marina

Gabriela said...

Hello BG. I know what you mean, but the guy was SUCH a hypocrite that I feel way less sorry for him than I have in the past for other people. And I think Obama's toast-that preacher guy's going to be famous (at least in political ads!) for the next while. :)

marina said...

Hi, BG I am gald you like it!! yes I have seen it around on
her title is "It could bee worse"
she posted 100 things and she" kiss
Donny Osmond" and played cards with Brad Pitt" so I email her and said "You must be a superstar!! really love her's and
she has 100 its good but not as funny as fiddledeedee.sometimes when I read other blogs they post when they have reach 100 and they say 100 things about them you don't have to but I thought it would be fun!if you can't fine the web site just email me and I will send them to you my email is on my blog. where it says my profile.

marina said...

PS.there is one more
and since you are new in blogville
you may want to go over to
that is where I found alot of blogs I have posted on they give you a list and the things you are intested in reading and you just go on over. that is a really good blog b/c it gives you all kind of info on blogging. let me know how it goes.marina
glad you like the post! before you now it you wil reach 100 with out even knowing.