Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So, how much do you believe in superstitions?

This is a picture of the sea goddess, Yemanja.  She is very much believed in here in Brasil.  

My husband found this statue of her floating in the sea outside of where we live.  He thought it would be fun to have it in her house.

WELL, the maid made sure that it was understood that it was bad luck to keep her in the house.  She said that only the person who found her could put her back where she belongs; into the sea.  She gets very upset when she keeps coming back to our house and the statue is still here!

On New Year's Eve, many people throw offerings of flowers and I guess statues like this one into the sea.  It must have just floated back, but I guess we do plan on throwing her back to "where she belongs".  

So, do you believe......


Gabriela said...

Love it. You should hide it in different places around the apartment that you know she will clean. Mess with her mind a little.

(now I'm feeling a little nervous. Will the bad luck extend to me for making jokes at her behalf??? Take it back Surfer Dude!!!)

marina said...

Thats just what I was going to say TAKE IT BACK!!(just in case she is bad luck!) and ask your maid why is she bad luck? and let me know, and what is her prurpose??( am I asking too much) LOL!!

thanks for the inspiration !!now I
can't always think of things to post about that sounds really great or at least interesting or something neat to say, But sometimes I have my moments. mainly I just enjoy posting and getting to know other women and sharing our different lives.
I think you are so bless to have a life and travel that is so cool!! with your faimly you will learn and gain so much form seeing how different people live.not everyone gets that chance! you are bless. marina