Monday, February 25, 2008

Ode to Maracaibo

Para mis amigos Venezolanos, Maracuchos....
Los extrano a todos!
and for my non-speaking Spanish friends and family
these are Arepas from Maracaibo, a popular staple.  My friend brought me the harina pan, a special type of flour for making these treats. They are a type of bread that is often eaten with a chicken salad they call Reina Pepiada, or how I like it with butter and marmalade!
They are not the easiest to make, and every Maracuchan I know does not have an exact's kinda like Grandma's recipes....oh put "some" flour, "some" water, "some" salt....

Well, they take practice and every time I make them they get better!
Now, if I only had the recipe for Reina Pepiada!  hint hint....
mis amigos, alguien pueden darme la receta para Reina Pepiada?


Gabriela said...

Yum-Arepas. Are you making these at your house??? When are you having me over???

marina said...

Hi, I found you on Gabrela's blog ,I hope you don't mind? like your title so I thought I would head out hear, I love the pan!! it looks like pancakes to me,
but they must be good, loved the pictures of carnaval you and Gab's are so lucky to travel so much.

Ballerina Girl said...

Arepas at my house when we return from the Foz de Iguazzu trip!
Welcome problem, enjoy the blog!
Ballerina Girl