Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mi Maracaibo

After Carnaval I travelled to where we used to live, Maracaibo, Venezuela.  Los Maracuchos son maravillosos y mi segunda familia.  Les extrano muchisimo.  
Gracias por todo alma y felicidad de me dan.
I went to the Carnaval of our Lago Maracaibo Club.  It is done a little differently there than in other places.  There are two Carnaval Queens, a younger girl and an older girl.  The older girl picks her theme for the evening, arranges her costumes and music, and dances the night away on stage (it is choreographed) with the help of whomever she invites to join her.  Usually, it is her friends and others from the club.
This year's theme was New York and Broadway.  They danced to many hits such as music from The Moulin Rouge, Cats, Hairspray and many more.  A favorite of mine, and it is becoming an annual hit, is a group of guys doing different themes related to the year's theme.  Such as, this year they did a version of Stomp...and boy was it great!  
Now, there are also the guests, (us), who can dress up in costume if you feel inclined to, and possibly win a prize.  I have a group of girlfriends, we call ourselves, The Bufalas, that like to go and try to win every year!  This year, 8 of us went as The Venetian Carnaval...trying to imitate those in Venice, Italy.  What fun...and to think we won!!  Here is a picture of us:


Anonymous said...

hey des! i miss all that. Congratulations for winning the first place!

inolvidable5 said...

Desi que buenas fotos y comentarios te felicito por tu blog. Carlos quiere saber quien tomo las fotos del hang gliding.

Ballerina Girl said...

Las fotos de aladelta estan con una camera en la ala. El senor profesor tiene un boton conectado con cable a camera para tomar fotos.

Gabriela said...

You won? You never mentioned that you modest ballerina!

Guapo and I only took 9th. :(

Loca E! said...

BUFALAS por siempre....!