Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The gift of


Growing up, I always counted on my Mother and Father.  They were there for me at any time of the day or night....no matter how big or small my needs were.  
As a younger person you tend to take that for granted a little.  
Of course your Mom is going to make you pancakes...
of course my Dad will drive me to the ballet class...the picnic...the party...

What I have found as I grow older, as I have become a Mother myself, is that it really never goes away, and now I understand my parents even more than I thought I had.
Motherhood has been such a blessing in so many ways.

My days have been filled with lovely memories of babies in my arms and having the privilege of watching them as they grow older.  
The beautiful first steps and first words...
The amazement when sentences start forming...
Interesting questions...
Intelligent answers...
Challenging questions...
and even the occasional "disagreement".
All of this while trying to be the best parent I can be, 
with patience (yes my kids may giggle at this word being associated with Mom), kindness, understanding, some tough love thrown in there... in the sense of making them responsible, caring, understanding and compassionate.

It is all a process that sometimes feels like it takes forever to happen, and as I grow older, seems to be like it just happened yesterday.  
I cherish all the different phases of my children.  

I adored the cuddly babies in my arms, the deep connection one feels as you whisper into their ears, though their understanding is only of their Mother's calming voice.

Now, as I have one away, and one still with me, I feel like I only want to hold on a little longer.  
I miss my son, though he seems happy and strong.  We did that...my husband and I. 
Our daughter that is still with us...I want to give her my all, but on some days I feel distracted.

No one is perfect, that is what we have always told them.

I want to cherish my Motherhood and I know they are a precious gift given to us...and though they go on into the world, I love knowing that I will always be their Mother.  They can always count on me to make them pancakes when they need them, drive them somewhere...even if I am not next door, I am with them in their hearts.
I am so proud of our children.  
I am blessed to be a parent.

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