Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Corner view~ for lunch

Corner view is a weekly appointment created by Jane of Spain Daily and hosted by 

This Wednesday I was invited with three women to a lunch at a favorite coffee/tea spot called Booblik, here in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.
Yes, go ahead and giggle at the name...we all do when we first hear it....and still three years later, I giggle!  Sometimes we all get lost in translation, but it is a lovely, upbeat little restaurant with yummy food and warming teas and coffees.

Here, I remembered my corner view theme of lunch a little late!  So here are the remnants of my delicious chicken and veggie quiche

ginger tea
and dessert...which I remembered to take the photo of before I ate it!  These are a type of Florentine cookies, I believe.  
Again, translations are sometimes lost here in Atyrau, but the lunch was just as yummy, no matter what we call it!
Surrounded by good friends and great food, it was a great midweek treat!


simply bev said...

Ooh, the tea and cookies look especially yummy!

Francesca said...

I was reading an article on all the furniture names Ikea had to change because of what they translated to!
glad you have friends out there!

Mexitali Rose said...

Florentine cookies look just divine and the ginger tea so warming. What a cozy lunch, and I did laugh when I read the name of the place.

Heather said...

Those cookies look delicious!! The name made me laugh. Is it the name of the owner or does it mean something? (Other than what it sounds like in English... I hope!)

Tzivia said...

Well, with delicious food like that, I suppose the restaurant can have whatever name it wants :)

Kari said...

it was lovely to catch up and enjoy the food at booblik. more importantly the company!
see you there today....

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

All looks delicious!