Saturday, September 21, 2013

Easy spring rolls

We are trying to enjoy the beautiful, last days of warm sun around our camp.  Soon us old timers know that the crisp air, which is a delight, will turn icy cold and we will all be semi hibernating!

So a friend and I had a get together by the pool, where we enjoyed each other's company, met many of the new faces we see around camp and caught up with familiar ones as well.

I made some really yummy and easy to make spring rolls.
They were simple enough, yet it does take a little bit of time to prepare the ingredients and put them individually together.  Well worth the time!

Simply, quickly boil the vermillion rice noodles and rinse with cold water.
Chop your favorite ingredients...mine were filled with shrimp, carrots, cilantro, mint and basil.
Other options are cucumber, avocado, chicken, red pepper....

Fill a large enough shallow bowl (I used a pie dish) to soak the rice paper for about 3-5 seconds.  They still feel a little stiff when you take them out, but they continue to soften as you fill them.
Lay the ingredients across in a line, fold the sides in and then roll.

Voila, yummy spring rolls for a refreshing and light treat!

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BLOGitse said...

looks yummy!
We grilled chicken today :)
Here in Finland we got first snow already, in Lapland.
Here in Helsinki we got suddenly autumn weather, just a couple of days we had almost +20 but now only +2 in the morning, now about +6.
It's a brrrrrrrrrrr season!