Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Yes, to answer a few people that have asked, 
we are going home for the holidays.

For those of you that followed my blog from before, we added an addition on to our house.  It is a new master bedroom and bath.  We love it!

From the chandelier in the bedroom
to the amazing bathroom (picture to come later, but here is the house from the outside!)

it is seriously becoming a place we never want to leave!  We look forward to the days when we do not have to, but for now, we enjoy it every chance we get.
We will be here for a week, off to the East Coast to spend Christmas with family, and then back here for the New Year...

but there's already an airport story, like old times, right!
It's like I never left blog world!

Want to hear the story?


Betty W said...

Sounds like old times. Love the look of your house. Must be so nice to sip your coffee on the porch overlooking the ocean!

mythopolis said...

It is such a beautiful place...who would want to ever leave it!!!?

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I think I'll spend a couple of weeks at your home this won't mind will you?? :) (just teasing) But it sure looks like a bit of paradise BG. It's so nice to see you again and I am so happy you recovered from your surgery just fine. Have a wonderful holiday and hope to see you soon :) Glad you're back!