Friday, December 14, 2012

Airport Story #1

Welcome to this edition of
Airport Stories...

It all starts in London.
The weather looks clear.
All checked in and ready to board.

But wait....

There isn't a plane.
Delayed two hours.
I still could make the Amsterdam to Atyrau flight.
Delayed again.
Nope, better change it for the following day.
Delayed again, and again, and again.

This was the story on Wednesday for my husband.  No reason given, just kept being delayed.  It was funny on my end to watch, because online, they kept delaying the flight by an hour, then two hours, then 15 minutes, then every ten minutes.

so, he finally made it to Amsterdam where he at least got to enjoy his Papa Rellena, a delicious Peruvian stuffed potato!

He should arrive here Thursday evening around 9pm, and we leave for the airport for our Winter break on Friday at 7 am.
10 hours...

Welcome to another crazy airport story!

1 comment:

Betty W said...

That's why I can't get my husband to travel more....those crazy airport stories! We all have them...