Tuesday, December 11, 2012

am I forgotten?

I could use the last post title, but why copy?
I could give you excuses, I could place the blame on a busy life...
but all of that is not me.

I just was not inspired to write.
And now I am, again.

I can't guarantee how often nor about what..
but I am back.

Did anyone miss me?


BLOGitse said...

Hola! Welcome back!
You're still in Atyrau - and I'm in Málaga but only till 5.1. when I go back to Finland, having an eye operation 8th of Jan...
My life has been a real roller-coaster - learning Spanish for 12 week intensive is haaaarrrrrddddd work! but I've learned a lot but speaking is difficult because their teaching method...is very old fashion. I've have had a good time, hubby coming this Sat and we'll have some holiday together before going home.
Nice see you back, please post you've been doing!
Hasta luego!

Betty W said...

You are NOT forgotten! I missed reading about your travels. Where are you now? In the US?
Hope you are doing well and look forward to reading more.

Carol Buehner said...

Ohhhhh....BG!! Welcome Home!! I've missed you so much! My life is even crazier than it was: business has blossomed way beyond my wildest imagine. My mom died in May. sigh. Life goes on!! I will look forward to catching up with where you are in your world~ Yes Yes Yes: I missed you!! Have the Merriest of Christmases. Will you be home in the states for it????? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox