Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What do I put for a title?

Sorry about that....but I have various titles, such as:
1. Two Weeks
2. What to Do?
3. Here we Go again
4. Should I be doing more?
5. Help!

Hahaha, really they all fit. Here's why:

I have two weeks left, from today. (#1) In two weeks, I will be leaving here.
The funny part is that I am leaving my house as is. (#4)
I am not packing everything up...or at least, not overseeing the moving company pack everything into boxes and crates. I am not making sure my precious pieces, like our big Amethyst stone from here, my vase from Murano, Italy, my beautiful paintings...
I am not watching any of it get boxed/crated properly.
I am not making sure the flat screen tv stays upright, in a vertical position, while they assemble the crate around it.

So, (#3)....here we go again! We are leaving, on a jet plane, and nope...
don't know when we'll be back again!
I feel very strange about leaving here.
I do not imagine the dramatic exit like when we left Venezuela....
Mostly because I booked our flight on the same day that school ends.
That means it will just be pick the kids up and head for the airport.
Why did I choose this?

Because there will be tears...
there is sadness every time we leave....
it was there last night when my son went to bed. He doesn't want to have to make new friends again, and leave his friends here....
Well, neither do I.

It always is hardest to leave friends. I have a few friends here that have really been great. We have traveled together, had numerous lunches/dinners/coffees...
It is hard to say good bye, but I know that these friends are keepers.
I know that we will all keep in touch with each other.
That is a comfort, but it still hurts to say good bye.
The every day routine is what binds so many people together. The friendship will last, but the little quick phone calls will not be there.
That's ok, though, as harsh as it may seem, someone will take that place.

I guess in some ways, that is what the beauty of it is, too, at the same time as the sadness.
We will make new friends. It will certainly not be a replacement, but, rather, a new friend to find. A new friend that will fill a different void that maybe we never even knew we had or needed filled.
And in that, the old friend, we will cherish even more.

So that leaves (#2)...
What to do? I should be packing what I am taking with me. So, what do you take with you when you know that you will never return?
I know that my "stuff" will be sent to the new location, but that will be quite a few months before I see any of that materialize again!
Once again..



mythopolis said...

Gulp!!! Wow, that is a lot to be experiencing. I hope you and your children make the transition well. So many mixed emotions when making a big move like this. I do think that when you sort it out, you find it makes you stronger...but it is a lot when in the middle of the change....I look forward to learning of your new adventures, and hope they are wonderful.

Betty said...

So WHERE are you moving to? Are you allowed to tell us?
I hate good byes too!

BLOGitse said...

Oh do I know what you're talking about...I guess I said that before...
We've been living our life in Casa with 1,5 suitcase full of clothes - that's it!
No summer clothes, shoes, bags.....
This morning we heard that our stuff from Cairo is finally here in Casa but when it'll be in this house - no idea!
It's good I go away for couple of weeks.
So full of this all.....

Hope your moving will be easy even if it's sad and hard to leave your friends...


Jodi said...

I wish you the best of luck with your move! Moving is always hard. I can't even imagine moving countries let alone towns away. Where will you be living?

Jientje said...

It seems like not so long ago when you told us about moving into your new house? So you'll be leaving it already? You're a courageous woman BG, and I wish you the best of luck with the move. I hope you'll find some dear friends soon in your new place!

Fabiola said...

I am happy you can see the beauty on all these moves. Well, I can see them too.

Maybe we will see each other again, in some place around the world ; )

Gabriela said...

Ummmm, excuse me, but I am totally irreplaceable.

:) love ya.

mythopolis said...

Hi '''G" you and BG are my heroes 'cuz, I am not going anywhere! I don't comment much, but love BG, so am just sending my best wishes. I am dying to know where you are each off to!!!