Monday, June 28, 2010

Just wondering how it works here...

I am not trying to sound like a princess...

after living overseas for 7 years now, and spending my first summer in our own house, here is what I can't figure out:

How do Mom's continue to exercise when the kids are out of school?

I am going a little stir crazy without exercising. I feel the need for the adrenaline to kick in and the endorphins to get stirring. I want to feel the sweat and burn that comes with rigorous exercise.

But how can I do it? My kids are at that stage where I can't take them to the gym with me, but they aren't quite old enough to stay at home by themselves for a few hours.

Am I truly sounding like an expat princess? Well, maybe I am, and that is why I enjoy living overseas. It makes life just a little easier when you can take your kids to your club and know that they are safe and can run around, or swim or play tennis, while you do what it is you need to do.

I have never been one to let a nanny, mujer de servicio, or baba...whatever you like to call it in other languages...raise my children. Where it does come in handy though, is when you want to go and play tennis, or go for a walk, or even out for a quick lunch with friends, and leave the kids for an hour or two.

I think this is where other cultures thrive. They realize that women also need their alone time even when the kids are out of school. Now, a lot of women take that for granted and are never there for the children....and I have seen a few expats fall into this category over the years. They get so comfortable with their maids, that they leave their kids all the time.
I was not one of them! I never would be one of them...
but I am feeling the need for crunches, free weights, aerobics, swim laps...

I know I could get a pair of weights at a store, and get down on my floor and crunch away...
but I enjoy the class atmosphere. I like having someone over me telling me how many, what order and playing some trendy music to count to!

Oh and the Chunky Monkey from Ben and Jerry's ice cream....doesn't help!


Scriber's Web said...

The trick is to find a Gym where they offer day care services. My younger son is currently working at a Gym playing with the kids. They play dodge ball, basketball and other games. The kids are in a very safe environment and get some physical activity as well. Mom's drop them off, attend a class, shower and then pick up the kids.

All Moms need some time off or time to themselves. No shame in that! It takes a village to raise a child! Here, since we do not get reliable and affordable help, we rely on friends also. I know you are new to the area but in time you will be arranging play dates with other Moms:)

Also, I think you have the Wii. Get Netflix and order their CD to connect to internet. I did that and now have an endless supply of exercise videos. There is a 10 minute workout session that I like to do first thing in the morning.

And if all else fails, do what I did. Call Mom! All Moms need a couple of hours break a day. It makes them better mommies:)

mythopolis said...

You know you are really tired when all you feel like doing is watching other people work out on tv fitness informercials while eating a big bowl of ice cream!

Betty said...

I guess living in a third world country has it´s pluses too. :) Hope you find a way to make it work. I´ve heard they have Gym´s with daycare, maybe you´ll find one.

Fabiola said...

Gym with daycare and maybe four bikes ?!?!?

I would offer to baby sit them if I live close by ; )

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Since I don't have any kids it's hard for me to say anything :D
I was like Fabiola thinking if there might be a Gym with daycare?
Good Luck though :D!

PJ said...

Nope. I totally get it. Check your park district to see if they have "camps" or classes that suit your kids. If they take "basketball" or "Nature trails" or "Painting" for a morning or an afternoon a week, you have a free morning or afternoon to go to the gym. (It sounds like they're old enough to be at an event without you, but not alone, alone!)

Hobby Stores have art classes, that are "drop off" if the child is 8 or so. There are Pottery Painting stores where they can learn to throw pottery or just paint a ready-made piece. Some are drop off. "Penguin" is a drop-off one.

Community Colleges sometimes have computer classes, or writing classes. Whatever you think your kids are interested in.

Sometimes Moms trade baby-sitting time. "I take my kids and yours to the pool this afternoon. You take them tomorrow afternoon."

Usually the daycare at the gym is for rather young kids. So it won't work for you.

These are the things my DIL and her friends do!!!

Sometimes the young teachers who tutor by the hour, would also babysit by the hour. Might check the local school for a list of tutors. I find an young teacher much preferred to the old "teenager in the neighborhood."