Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Monday Morning!

Hello's been awhile, but here I am on the other side of the rainbow!

So, let's start with the trip out..
it went amazingly smooth, I am happy to report. We went to the airport on the craziest day in Rio...the day of Brazil's first World Cup game. The horns were blaring, people everywhere on the street...even walking the dogs was a pain because everyone kept blowing horns in their faces. I'm sure that my upstairs neighbors, who I am happy I am no longer living under because they always caused such a fuss over their barking, were not pleased with my dogs. They could not stop barking at all the shouts, vuvuzelas, and horn honking going on.

Anyways, we left right around the start of the game..and there were about 10 other cars on the road! NO ONE was out...except for the crazy people like me that chose to fly on this day. It worked to my advantage! Got to the airport in record time, had the ease of checking in with me as the only customer, and got everything settled fairly easily! They took my dogs, no questions asked..just checked over to paperwork to make sure I had everything in order for arriving to the US.

We went upstairs to our usual place where we have some food before the flight..(seeing as the airplane food is really gross!). Well, no one was moving, nor working, nor doing anything except gluing their eyes and ears to the television screens showing the game. We found a table and the kids wanted at least a drink...nope! No one was waiting on anyone! Then came the goal and it was so loud that you couldn't hear anything besides the shouts and vuvuzela horns!
Finally, the game ended and everyone went back to work. It was as if they were on a long, extended break.

This is one of the great things that I will take from Brazil. The Cariocas that I observed for the past 3 years have shown me that enthusiasm and pride of country and city take place above all else. You see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. They are so proud that sometimes it almost feels unreal that they could feel so strongly. I may not be explaining it well, because I know we are proud of the U.S.A. also. But there, it is something else. Soccer is KING and the beaches run a close second. They live for the moment and not for the future. They enjoy their lives so immensely that they always have a permanent smile on their faces.
They walk with their speedos and bikinis, in their crazy fashions that are always the newest their Haviana and Ipanema flip-flops.

I had fun in Brazil and I will remember that feeling of enjoyment to purely enjoy the moment and live life to the fullest!


lailani said...

Sounds like the perfect thing to take with you! Hope you are settling in to your new home.

2Thinks said...

I like that style: living life to the fullest and enjoying the moment. Sounds like a wonderful adventure you're having there! Live it up...

mythopolis said...

I love to read these little accounts you write. I find myself actually seeing in my mind, these things, people, places, you write about!

Brenda said...

And a pride for football! I love watching the Brazilians play.

I love Ipanema flip flops too, I have a whole collection :)

Scriber's Web said...

I will have to check out Ipanema flip flops! So looking forward to reading about your next adventure!

NicoleB, Egypt said...

That's a good attitude!
Always see (or try to) the bright side of it.
And always remember the good things!
Hope all goes well for you all!!

PJ said...

I thought of you when World Cup started!!! I cannot imagine! In most SA countries -- at least those with teams in the contest, things stop during those times. My son was in Mexico the day they first played. Said no service was available!!! The U.S. does not get that. We're much more diverse. Only certain segments of the population are sports nuts. We also have a stronger work ethic. Work is KING here!!! Sometimes that's good, sometimes not!!
We're thinking about a Brazil trip in 2014--when the games are there!!! Can you imagine??????